Venti Group Announces The New CORE™ In-Building DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna

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Venti Group announces The New CORE™ Low PIM Rated Dual-Polarized Omni Ceiling Mount Indoor DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna, supporting 698 – 2700 MHz, 3.0 – 3.6 GHz and the 4.9 GHz Public Safety Bands.

Committed to bringing our technologies to the Wireless World, Venti Group, enhances all communications with greater coverage along with faster and more reliable data.


The CORE™ True Horizontal & Vertical MIMO Antenna delivers up to 72% greater throughput over an all Vertical MIMO.

Venti Group independently develops and owns three Wireless Patent families – CORE™ Antenna, SLEEV™ and PIMCONNECT™ Technologies and are taking orders now for immediate delivery.

Along with developing and owning patented antennas (CORE™ line of horizontal and vertical polarized antennas), coaxial sleeves (SLEEV™ line of passive radiation suppression for coax & cables) and PIMCONNECT™ (manufacturing techniques for reducing PIM in antennas) technologies.

Venti Group currently holds eight global patents, with an additional eleven patents pending.

The New CORE™ DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna delivers unparalleled performance by utilizing true polarization diversity and a Low PIM Rating of -153 dBc or better across all frequency bands.

The CORE™ DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna leverages several of our patented technologies including the Venti Horizontally Polarized Antenna, SLEEV™, and PIMCONNECT™ resulting in unmatched performance and an industry best PIM Rating, essential in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Finally, a True Dual Polarized MIMO with a Vertical and Horizontal Antenna is available at a list price of $149 for immediate installation for in-building DAS systems.

Benefits of The CORE™ DAS Multi-Band MIMO Antenna (VGMIMO152011MB):

  • Greater Antenna Performance – Using True Polarization Diversity in an In-Building DAS Omni MIMO Antenna Delivers up to 72% Greater Throughput over an all Vertical MIMO
    • Polarization Diversity MIMO Performance in One Lightweight, Small Form Factor Enclosure
    • Frequency Band for Multiple Carrier Deployment / 3G, 4G, LTE, 3.0-3.6 GHz + 4.9 GHz Public Safety
    • Very Cost Effective

The CORE™ DAS Multi-Band MIMO antenna is available in the iBwave database.

For more information about The CORE™ DAS Multi-Band MIMO, visit:


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