Vehicles for Extreme Sports

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Do you like to get your blood pumping? Do you crave that adrenaline rush? Do you want your wildest fantasy fulfilled? Then read on…

In times of old, we got thrills from hunting, jousting and the like, but these sports no longer quench our thirst for the danger we desire. Recent developments in technology, engineering and human nature in general have driven us to even further extremes.

Modern times have brought with an eclectic selection of vehicles that are perfect for extreme sports, and are also able to carry further vehicles of extreme sports, including the double cab pickup.

Buggy Rolling is an extreme sport sure to quench any need for adrenaline

Buggy Rolling is an extreme sport sure to quench any need for adrenaline

If you really want danger, try buggy rolling. This involves you being on the ground, rolling downhill, without any way of stopping. Not for you? Then try a land speed cycle, which gets you just as close to the ground, at top speeds. There is no safety guard however, so you’ll have to rely on the padding of your own flesh.

Don’t want to put your body that close to the likely danger of extreme pain? Then get on your bike! No literally, get on a motorbike or dirt bike, and go off-roading. The world is your oyster. Want to have just a little more control? Then go off-roading in a 4×4, quad bike, or even a monster truck. You can fly through the air, race through muddy swamps, and get generally rather dirty in an adrenaline fuelled fury.

If all else fails, I recommend jumping out of a plane, jumping off a cliff, or diving in a sea full of sharks. If this terrifies you, do it. There will be no better rush than that felt when falling through the air at top speeds, ending in a gentle sail to the ground, or bungee jumping in the most remote areas, leaving you dangling on the edge. Do not hold back, be limitless!

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