How VDIs Help Companies Control IT Costs?

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The most obvious way in which virtualizing desktops and the effective use of cloud computing can make a difference to the bottom line of any business is by dramatically reducing the scale and cost of hardware refreshes. For large organizations and employers, this is always likely to be a considerable concern and the associated savings can be very substantial.

Virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs) enabled by Dell are helping businesses of all sizes and across a huge range of industries trim their costs and in many cases make notable savings, all while adding to their operational capacities and shoring up security.

How VDIs Work

Desktop virtualisation solutions form part of a broader picture that has steadily been redrawn with the introduction and growing prevalence of cloud computing services and functionalities. What this means for businesses is that they can streamline their IT architectures while accessing computing power on any scale as and when required.

VDIs can help Companies control IT costs

VDIs can help Companies control IT costs

Virtualisation relies on the capacity of the cloud and the effectiveness of the latest technologies to harness that potential in a way that affords end users full security and flexibility. In effect, the cloud and virtualization enable individuals and employers to make the most of data intensive applications without needing to support these operations entirely in-house, or on the basis of traditional IT infrastructures.

Energy Efficiency

In addition to saving money on hardware over the medium term, using cloud computing solutions and engaging with virtualization can save businesses substantial sums of money simply by reducing their energy use.

Finding the Right Solutions

There is much to recommend the implementation of VDIs, particularly if operational flexibility is a high priority for your organization. The key consideration, however, will always be finding the right solution for your particular purposes. Dell offers a variety of powerful and cost-effective cloud servers that for many businesses provide just the right kind of capacities at the right price points.

An in-house data center set up can bring its own set of complications and concerns. It is crucial of course to maintain functional efficiency and IT managers must work hard to ensure that their equipment stays suitably cooled and powered at all times.

As part of the Dell team, I can confidently assure you that we offer some of the very best VDI solutions and cloud servers currently available. Head over to our website at to find out more about some of our latest technologies.

By Debbie Fletcher @Debbie_Fletch18

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