US rock star PJ Proby in court on benefit charges

April 26, 2011 | by | 5 Comments

Former rockstar PJ Proby appeared in court today accused of cheating the benefits system out of more than £47,000.

PJ Proby in court on benefit charges

The 72-year-old rocker, real name James Smith, is charged with nine counts relating to claims for pension credit, housing benefit and council tax benefit.

Proby is accused of illegally claiming £47,421.34 between 2002 and 2008 which include two counts of failing to declare savings and investments.

Four of the charges relate to failing to inform the authorities of a change in circumstances.

Texas-born Proby, who now lives in Twyford near Evesham, Worcs., had his case adjourned yesterday because of ”health concerns.”

Proby, who was referred to by his real name Mr Smith, did not say anything during the five minute hearing at Worcester Crown Court.

David Gottlieb, defending, told the court Proby was a ”very famous singer from the 1960s.”

He asked the court for more time, saying: ”Mr Smith’s health concerns would impact on my ability to advise him.”

At an earlier hearing at Worcester Magistrates Court Proby denied the charges.

Judge Richard Rundell bailed Proby to appear at court on May 31.


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  1. Rontenn2001 says:

    Talk about persecution!!!! Brit justice went down the pan years ago!! this case just proves it!!

  2. Chrisclarke48 says:

    Huh, about right, he has lived here for years and paid into the system and yet how many immigrants and their families who have paid absolutely nothing are claiming benefits??? Typical of English Justice…..none

  3. Charlie says:

    Sorry Rontenn and Chris, but I was born here and have lived here all my life and paid my N.I. and taxes but that didn’t give me the right to work and claim benefits so why should he. (That is if the case is proven of course)

  4. Rontenn2001 says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head! It has to be proven. P.J. told me personally he has done nothing wrong & I believe him.

  5. Rontenn2001 says:

    Look at it Charlie from this point of view: You think all your taxes,N.I. etc.are all being paid as normal & always have been when suddenly the cops come knocking with this lovely surprise!!! Add to that plenty of people pointing their fingers saying “you’re guilty”.Would you like to be placed in that position? Must be a nightmare for P.J.Proby.He knows nothing about any wrong-doing!

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