UK’s Leading Provider of Mobile Security Encryption Working With Kaymera to Bring Unique & Totally Secure Phone

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KAYMERAAs the progression of technology has led to the development of various types of smartphones, it seems the world has become obsessed with the use and functionality of their applications and features. However, one major factor seems to be overlooked every time – These handsets are generally very insecure.

The general public is constantly blinded by style and features of specific Smartphone’s, yet doesn’t seem too interested or aware of the privacy aspect of one’s phone. A more alarming concern is that the general phone consumer isn’t normally educated on the security risks either.

The reality is that anyone with a piece of equipment priced at around $250, can block your signal, force it to 2G and gain access to the majority of your phone’s data. This process can be conducted in a shopping centre, airport, public area, inconspicuously without your knowledge.

This security threat is even more worrying these days, when phone users contain even more sensitive and personal data than ever before.

With the ability to intercept conversations, high profile stars, celebs and business people are usually more vulnerable to these security threats. Snooping equipment is often used by a third party. Usually this type of security breach is referred to as (man in the middle). Several good scenarios would be: A football manager discussing a transfer deal, a lawyer discussing sensitive financial data, a celebrity having an affair and large business deals being exposed. Not to mention the risks when travelling abroad, in many large countries corporate espionage is a multibillion pound business growing at 300% per month.

A unique phone has been developed and released, which offers a solution for all security threats and phishing solutions. The phone has even been demonstrated to the government and security services (GCHQ, MI5 and 6 and the MOD).

The Kaymera phones warn of any security threat instantly. It also has features such as a ‘panic pin’ where the camera records anyone who is entering the pin via video, compressing and emailing the video to a person of choice. In addition a Biometric Security feature also offers a solution to take a picture of their finger to login their phone.

The Kaymera phone offers an ideal solution for any high profile person, who needs to be one step ahead when it comes to their own privacy. The Kaymera does not compromise these features for general usability either. It offers a stylish, sleek user experience that easily rivals any of the leading brands on the market.

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