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SWNS Pictures of the Year 2016 - One hundred of the most compelling images on the SWNS wire this year as chosen by our picture editors. Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson leaves his home in London on the morning after the EU Referendum when the British public voted 52% - 48% to leave the European Union. June 24, 2016.  Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down by October after the vote.  In a statement outside Downing Street, he said he would attempt to "steady the ship" over the coming weeks and months but that "fresh leadership" was needed.

Following the success of the story and picture harnessing website, SWNS (the UK’s largest independent press agency) has today announced the expansion its online presence with the release of and aims to help members of the public instantly send their mobile phone footage to the national press and get paid each time it’s used. It’s designed to help people get their footage to go viral and make money, or cash in on their footage that has already gone viral on social media. helps contributors quickly upload their images to the SWNS pictures desk. They can help anyone earn money from their press-worthy images, whether they have captured an unfolding news story, something amazing, or a natural wonder.

Getting paid for selling stories, videos and pictures to the press

SWNS have designed both sites with their forthcoming content management system in mind. The new development, in partnership with Google, will revolutionise the way individuals share content with the national press.

Currently the SWNS collections team inform contributors how much they have made from each piece of content. The new system (due to come online this summer) will allow contributors to track their payments in real time, so they can see exactly who has used their images, videos or stories, and how much each placement is worth.

For example, a photographer or member of the public who has captured something amazing on their camera phone could instantly send the image or photo to SWNS using either of the websites above.

SWNS would send the image or footage around to both national and international newspapers and websites. Each time the content is used, it will be logged in real time, together with the payment, on an individual’s account.

Contact SWNS for more information.

SWNS News Wire

In other news, SWNS is also working closely with fast growing digital newspaper to achieve huge success online. In February The London Economic attracted over 2m visitors. This achievement was largely attributed to the quality content coming out of SWNS’ picture desk, news, and features teams.

During February over 90% of The London Economic’s content came directly from the SWNS news wire service, and March is already on course to break that record.

Selling Videos, Photos and Stories to the Press

If you would like to sell an image to the national press, you can simply submit it through the site.

Or if you would like to sell a video to the national press, you can send it through the site.

To sell a story to the press, visit You can use the story valuation form to send an outline of your story to the news and features teams.

They guarantee to pay the most for newsworthy stories and magazine features, and they won’t use anything without your consent.

You can also go to which specialises in press management and media representation if you have a front page story to sell.

Or, try (another site also controlled by SWNS) who specialise in magazine and newspaper features.

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