Two Naughty Toddlers Left Alone For Five Minutes Cover Their Faces In Nappy Cream

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Pupae Anawach's sons  Merce and Marwyn playing with nappy cream.

Pupae Anawach’s sons Merce and Marwyn playing with nappy cream.

This adorable video shows what happened when two toddlers were left alone – and covered their entire faces in NAPPY RASH cream.

Pupae Anawach, 27, was in the living room getting sons Merce, three, and Marwyn, one, ready for bed but popped into the kitchen for a glass of water.

She made a quick snack and returned a few minutes later to find the two boys had opened a tub of ointment for nappy rash – and smeared it on both their faces.

Pupae Anawach with her sons Merce and Marwyn

Pupae Anawach with her sons Merce and Marwyn

Their pajamas are covered in the lotion – as well as the floor – and Pupae is heard saying to them ”go to the bathroom now… the cream is all finished now’.’

But Marwyn looks out innocently with his face and head covered in the white medicinal cream – and turns away smiling to carry on playing.

While older brother Merce is caught white-handed with the gooey lotion all over his hands – and they both burst out laughing while refusing to go for a wash.

Pupae, of Chicago, Illinois, posted a clip of Monday’s incident online and it has since been viewed more than two million times.

She said: ”I was playing with the boys and getting them ready for bed, doing the evening routine. I’d put the cream on Marwyn and closed it.

”I popped into the kitchen and left them alone for five minutes. I could hear them playing together but thought nothing of it.

swns_nappy_cream_13”Then I came back and saw their entire faces and heads covered in the ointment from the doctor. I was shocked.

”I could never have imagined they would have done that. Merce looked like an Egyptian mummy.

”They booth looked so innocent when I caught them. They were smiling and laughing and having a lot of fun. They really didn’t want to wash it off. I think they could have played all night like that.”

Sitthiphong Anawach with his sons Merce and Marwyn

Sitthiphong Anawach with his sons Merce and Marwyn

Pupae, who is originally from Thailand, moved to the U.S. around three years ago with husband Sitthiphong for work.

The mother-of-two added: ”This is what happens when you leave toddlers alone. They are very naughty boys but it was very funny, too.

”Next time I leave them alone I’ll put all the cream well out of reach.”

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