Obese mum lost HALF body weight after being too ashamed to look in mirror

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Joanne Sanderson lost 11 stone after being too ashamed to look in the mirror

Joanne Sanderson lost 11 stone after being too ashamed to look in the mirror

A super-slimming mum who weighed a whopping 22 stone shed half her body weight after she was too ashamed to look at herself in the MIRROR.

Joanne Sanderson, 30, was too scared to leave her home in case she caught a glimpse of her bulky frame reflected in windows or in shops.

She ballooned in weight after giving birth to twin boys in 2002 and spent years gorging on fried breakfasts and takeaway curries.

Despite years of yo-yo dieting and taking slimming pills she was unable to shift the fat.

But she decided to take action when she started suffering panic attacks every time she caught sight of herself in a mirror.

The only mirror she kept at home was a tiny 2ins wide compact which she used to apply her make-up every day.

Incredibly, since starting on a strict calorie-controlled diet last May she has shed 11 stone – half her body weight – and dropped seven dress sizes from 24 to a svelte size 10.

Joanne, from Winsford, Cheshire, said: “When I looked in the mirror I would get very upset.

“I would break into a sweat, shake and become very anxious.

“It was a horrible feeling so I avoided mirrors at all costs.

“I only had one tiny mirror in my house and didn’t look at my reflection when I was out.

“Even though I knew I was big, seeing it sent me into a panic and it meant I couldn’t leave my home. It was horrible and I felt really trapped.”

Joanne with a dress that she wore when she weighed 22 stone

Joanne with a dress that she wore when she weighed 22 stone

Before and after pictures of Joanne

Before and after pictures of Joanne

Joanne finally decided to lose weight for good last May after she took her sons swimming at and saw just how big she was in the changing room mirrors.

Eventually Joanne did get into the pool and shortly afterwards booked sessions with a personal trainer and within weeks the weight started to fall off

She said: “When I first started I was just under 22 stone.

“I began doing hour-long sessions at the gym three times a week and the weight started to come off.

“I was losing on average of about a stone a month.

“Seeing the results spurred me on to keep going and I began working out five days a week.”

The change led Joanne to ditch the takeaways and fry-ups for a healthier diet including lots of fruits and vegetables.

And by her 30th birthday last October she had dropped to 13 stone.

She celebrated by buying her first party dress and sporting the frock for a night out in Manchester.

She added: “Because of my size the only time I had ever worn a dress was at my wedding.

“So to be able to celebrate turning 30 by wearing a pretty dress was amazing.

“It was something I never thought I could do.”

She now fits into a slinky size 10 and weighs just 11 stone.

Barely recognisable, Joanne is stunned when friends and family she hasn’t seen for awhile have no idea who she is.

She added: “I’ve had so many people say they can’t recognise me.

“They’re amazed at the change.

“I look like a new person and feel like one too.”

Joanne’s lifestyle change has encouraged her sons Louis and Conner, both 11, and civil partner Kelly, 25, to adopt exercise and healthier diets.

And the mum has also overcome her fear of her reflection and filled her house with mirrors.

She said: “I love being able to look in the mirror and feel happy.”


BEFORE – Breakfast – bacon butty or fry-up Lunch – sandwich, crisps and fizzy drink Snacks – crisps, biscuits Dinner – curry takeaway. Total calories: 3,000.

AFTER – Breakfast – cereal bar and fruit Lunch – cracker breads with cottage cheese Snacks – fruit, carrot sticks Dinner – chicken stir-fry. Total calories: 1,000.

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