Tripod mounted, laser guided, carbon fibre sharp-shooters – welcome to the bizarre world of competitive pea shooting

July 9, 2010 | by | 2 Comments

Sharp-shooters will duel for the title of World Peashooting Champion today – armed with tripods, laser-guided sights and even carbon fibre tubes.

More than 150 competitors are expected at the bizarre world championships at The White Horse pub in Witcham, near Ely, in Cambs., bidding to win the 40th annual contest.

Armed with a 12-inch long tube and a handful of specially-selected maple peas, entrants must to hit a dartboard-sized target made from putty 12 feet away.

Today’s contest promises to be the most technologically advanced in history as the world’s best have adapted their pea shooters with laser-guided sight, tripods and even lightweight carbon fibre bodies.

Four-time world champion George Hollis, 59, has high hopes after attaching a 10mm laser on top of a brass tube and added a shoulder mount to provide extra stability.

He said: ”You can have all these wonderful pea shooters made from carbon fibre and laser-guided sight but when it comes down to it and the nerves are getting to you, its all about peas and puff.”

The world championship was the brainchild of headteacher John Tyson 40 years ago as a way to raise cash for the village hall after confiscating pea shooters from pesky pupils.

It has attracted sharp-shooters from around the globe including USA and New Zealand.

Reigning champion traditionalist Jim Collins, 35, of Haddenham, Cambs., won last year’s contest with a simple pea shooter which had no technological devices.

Entry cost £3.50 per person, and tubes and peas are on sale at the village green.

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  1. Eric Moon says:

    Hi, where could I purchase a decent quality pea shooter please.

    Regards, Eric.

  2. Eric Moon says:

    Hi, where could I purchase a decent quality pea shooter please.

    Regards, Eric.

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