Travelling worker has found jobs in THIRTY THREE different countries

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A wandering workaholic is making another fresh start – after chalking up 33 different jobs in as many countries.

Jan Lachner, 25, quit his trade as an aeronautics engineer with Rolls Royce in November 2011 fearing he would be stuck there for the rest of his Life.

Since then the versatile Frenchman has turned his hand to a remarkable 33 different positions in more than half the countries in Europe.

Workaholic Jan Lachner in his latest role as an aquarium diver  in Great Yarmouth,

Workaholic Jan Lachner in his latest role as an aquarium diver in Great Yarmouth,

He was a flamenco teacher in Spain, baker in Liechtenstein, archaeological excavator in Greece and helped an expedition of landscape photographers in Iceland.

In Dublin he was a barman, a fisherman in Malta, real estate agent in Luxembourg, a beer brewer in the Czech Republic and a business development manager in Slovakia.

He has also been an interior designer in Sweden, a wind-turbine tester in Denmark, a park ranger in Finland, guest speaker at a school in Croatia and made amber jewellery in Lithuania.

Now after 18 months criss-crossing Europe Jan has taken up a job as an aquarium diver at the Sea Life Centre in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

He said: “I had a placement at Rolls Royce and I was struck by the number of people who have spent their entire working lives with that one company.

 Jan working as a Recruiter in Sofia, Bulgaria

Jan working as a Recruiter in Sofia, Bulgaria

“It’s obviously a great company, and I’m sure most of those people were very happy, but I suddenly realised that I wanted to know what else is out there before eventually returning to the aeronautical industry.

“It’s been an incredible experience. I have met so many incredible people and experienced so many different working environments and situations.

“It has also confirmed that there really isn’t very much difference between someone in Lithuania, Spain or Germany – no more than between somebody from London, Manchester or Great Yarmouth.

“In fact we all have a lot more in common than we do differences.

“Most of these jobs have involved a lot of interaction with other people, and that is something I think I will miss badly if I go back to aeronautic engineering.”

Jan spent as little as a week in most of his jobs and added: “Although I did a week as a zoo-keeper in Estonia I haven’t worked in any other aquarium, so was delighted to receive the offer from Sea Life.

“I’ve taken on many challenges, but probably not many as nerve-racking as one I am facing in Great Yarmouth this week when I dive in a shark tank to clean the windows.”

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