Toys argh us – Scottish company unveil giant replica dinosaur model

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This toy is definitely a nightmare for parents and children alike – a full-scale DINOSAUR that costs a whopping £9000.

Scottish toy company H. Grossman are unveiling their super-sized Megasaur at a toy fair this week.

The £9000 animatronic raptor is a massive 20-feet long, and even BREATHES.

Boss Martin Grossman shown with the giant head of the fearsome Megasaur

Dinosaurs are big business at the moment, with an eagerly-awaited Jurassic Park 4 set to spark interest in prehistoric creatures again.

H. Grossman are also selling a range of smaller dinosaurs, for people with smaller budgets and houses.

The lifelike raptors, however, are the apex predator of the line.

One of the smaller, but no less impressive dinosaurs

Spokesperson Julie Pittilla said: “You don’t have to start with the mightiest of the Megasaurs, you can begin with a more manageable monster.

“But these raptors look like the real thing, and even spring into life when you walk past them.

“They’re perfect for would-be palaeontologists, or pranksters who want to scare their friends.”

The giant beasts will be on display at the Olympia Toy Fair in London this week.

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  1. good job says:

    where are the other dinosaurs i mean make more like brachiosaurus or velociraptor or triceratops please make those

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