Top Glass: The world’s first interactive gym floor with changeable marking lines

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The world’s first interactive gym floor has been launched with the ability to display marking lines for five different sports.

ASB GlassFloor can change markings and the court it displays depending of the sport – putting an end to wooden sports halls covered in confusing multi-coloured lines.

Made from layers of toughened glass coated in an ultra-strong anti-skid laminate, the smart floor lights up with different court markings at the touch of a button.

The world’s first interactive gym floor can display five different sports, including tennis

Tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball and badminton can all take place on the floor at high-level competition standard without the possibility of other, unnecessary lines confusing players.

Ultra-bright LED lights mark the lines, and each floor is made up of 165 single glass panels layered with foil.

The floor, which costs around #420 per square metre, is made by German company ASB, and can be used both indoor and outside activities.

This is a handball court, brightly displayed on the glass floor

It can even be customised to include a logo or school’s emblem in the centre.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The floor is slightly sprung, which feels great to walk on, and it even can be heated and lit from below.

“The floor can even be used inside homes, as an alternative to traditional flooring methods.”

The floor is fully customisable

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