Top five booming parenting trends of 2015

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Whether you became a new mom in 2014 or are expecting this year, you may be interested in knowing the hot parenting trends predicted for the year ahead. From cake smashing parties to tech gadgets, below are five popular changes and trends that will emerge in 2015:

‘Gender reveal’ parties

A popular trend among expectant parents today is holding a gender reveal party, where they announce to family and friends whether they will be welcoming a boy or a girl into the world. At least you’ll know what color Glitter Gift Baskets to order! These parties have increased in popularity considerably in the past few years with couples choosing to reveal the gender via opening a box of pink or blue balloons or even incorporating it into a theme or the cake. This party trend has exploded in the last year so if you’re thinking of holding a gender reveal party, visit Baby Center for eight hot ideas.


Several new parenting trends are expected to take off in 2015 Photo credit: Leonid Mamchenkov / Foter / CC BY

Cake smashing shoots

Professional photo shoots of babies smashing up their first birthday cakes are becoming more popular. The trend involves letting a one year old loose with a giant birthday cake while a professional photographer captures it! It’s a fun and memorable way to mark the one year milestone as well as creating some cheeky photos for friends and family. Many parents also choose to add a bath at the end of the shoot to clean away all the cake and capture some bubble photos too.

‘Pee’ parties

Gone are the days where we phone up friends and family to announce we are expecting. Now we’re celebrating before we even find out ourselves! There has been a rise in a strange new party trend called ‘pee’ parties. Basically, women who think they might be pregnant throw these parties and invite friends and family along. During the party, they take a pregnancy test and then reveal the results to everyone. While it’s still a new concept, it’s being talked about enough on parent/baby forums, so expect your over-sharing pregnant friends to start sending out invites soon!

Stay at home dads

It looks as though the stay-at-home dads are here to… well, stay. While most stay-at-home parents are mothers, fathers represent a growing share of all at-home parents. According to a new study by Pew Research Center, the number of fathers who are at home with their children has nearly doubled since 1989. The percentage of stay-at-home dads will continue to rise this year.

Raising your children with the help of technology

There are some moms and dads that prefer to do the whole parenting thing without using an ounce of technology to help. This year, it is predicted that more parents will look to technology for help, and why not when there are so many amazing gadgets out there? Whether it’s breastfeeding or baby monitoring apps on your smartphone, or tech accessories that detect ear infections, or play white noise sounds to send your baby to sleep, techie parenting is gaining ground for sure.

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