Tomato ketchup is top choice for fish and chip lovers

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Tomato ketchup is Britain’s best-loved fish and chip accompaniment, a new study has found.

The world famous red sauce beat mushy peas – a favourite of those living in the north of England – and curry sauce, also a northern staple, to claim top spot.

Mayonnaise came fourth and tartare sauce was fifth.

The study found one third of all Brits who are partial to our national dish have it with a dollop of tomato sauce on the side.

The study was carried out by Ben Shaw’s soft drinks to launch their nationwide search for the best family chippy business.

It also emerged one in six prefer mushy peas while one in ten prefer curry sauce.

A spokesman for Ben Shaw’s, which is sold in many of Britain’s fish and chip shops, said: ”Today is National Fish and Chip day and what better way to mark it than revealing the best accompaniment.

”A traditional portion of fish and chips teamed with a big dollop of ketchup is the perfect combination, they go hand in hand.

”It?s surprising how curry sauce is so high on the list. Brits are renowned for their love of curry and it?s good to see that we?re giving a British institution like fish and chips a bit of an Indian twist.

”We conducted the poll to find the best accompaniment to coincide with our launch to find the best family run chippie.

”The local chip shop is the hub of the local community and many up and down the country have been in the same family for decades and decades. We?re aiming to find a shop that stands out from the others and goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding fish and chips to their loyal customers.”

The study also found our other favourite accompaniments are bread and butter, which was in sixth place, brown sauce (7th) and gravy (8th).

The top ten was completed by garlic mayonnaise and baked beans.

Salad cream, pickled eggs and gherkins are also commonly found on plates of fish and chips.

Among the more unusual accompaniments were pickled onions and English mustard.

The study also found the average adult enjoys fish and chips just once and a half times a month with four out of ten people admitting they eat less than they used to.

It also emerged traditional fish and chip Friday is no more, with only one in three people tucking into the British staple at the end of the week.

By contrast, one in three people said fish and chips was still the dish many look out for while abroad.

One in ten people said they have eaten more fish and chips during the World Cup due to relaxing on the sofa during games.

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