Toddler stopped breathing and died outside GP surgery after being ‘made to wait 70 minutes to see a doctor’

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Lucie Linforth who died at Marston Surgery in Marston Moretain near Bedford after a 70 minute wait to be seen by a GP

Lucie Linforth who died at Marston Surgery in Marston Moretain near Bedford after a 70 minute wait to be seen by a GP

A toddler who was made to wait to see a doctor for 70 minutes at a GP surgery stopped breathing and died, it has been claimed.

Lucie Linforth, aged 23 months, was taken to her local GP practice after suffering overnight with a severe cough and fever.

Her parents Angie Collins, 40, and Eric Linforth, 33, were concerned at how quickly her condition had deteriorated.

Eric says he arrived at 8.45am before the surgery had even opened at 9am and pleaded with reception staff to get her medical attention.

But Eric claims he was repeatedly told to wait by staff at Marston Surgery  in Bedford.

Eric says he ”begged” five more times over the next hour for a doctor to see his little girl as she struggled to breath and her lips turned blue.

But he claims the receptionist didn’t even look at the sick child in his arms as he was told to wait his “turn”.

Eric says when he became agitated the female receptionist pointed to a sign warning that patients deemed to be abusive would not be seen at all.

Desperate Eric says he had to wait 70 minutes before anyone saw Lucie – when she was taken into the “minor illness” examination room to be seen by a nurse at 10.10am.

By that time her heart had stopped beating and when doctors at the practice realised the seriousness of her condition they rushed to help.

They spent 45 minutes trying to resuscitate her and she was rushed to Bedford Hospital  where an emergency team kept working to save her life, but nothing could be done.

An inquest into the death was opened and adjourned on Friday, but the results of a post-mortem have so far proven inconclusive.

The couple claim the wasted time could have saved their daughter’s life.

Lucy's grieving mother Angie Collins

Lucy’s grieving mother Angie Collins

Angie with son Jake, Lucy's twin brother

Angie with son Jake, Lucy’s twin brother

Floral tributes that were left at Marston Surgery, where Lucy stopped breathing

Floral tributes that were left at Marston Surgery, where Lucy stopped breathing

Electrictian Eric said: “After about 20 minutes waiting at the surgery she got worse, her lips were blue, she was really hot and was having trouble breathing.

“I went up about four or five times to ask to be seen. Finally I went up and I said they have to call an ambulance because she had got so bad.

“They took her into the nurse’s room, but by that point her heart had stopped beating.”

Full-time-mum Angie, added: “This should never happen again to any other family. I will never get over this.

“I want to get Lucie’s story out there and try to stop it happening again.

Marston Surgery, where Angie claims that they had to wait 70 minutes for Lucy to see a doctor

Marston Surgery, where Angie claims that they had to wait 70 minutes for Lucy to see a doctor

“She was so full of life and I feel really angry that there was an hour and ten minutes where nothing was done.

“I feel they took away her lifeline. All I can do now is carry on fighting, I need justice for my little girl.

“And once I have that I will carry on fighting for the rest of my life until the system is changed. This cannot ever happen again.

“I will keep saying this, she was a healthy, vibrant, lively character full of fight, and her life was just chucked away that morning.

“If people had just opened their eyes they would have seen just how poorly she was. Time was precious and it was wasted sat waiting.”

Lucie died on October 5 this year after she had been unwell at her home in Bedford the night before.

Her dad Eric took her to their local GP’s surgery while her mum Angie stayed at home with Lucie’s twin brother Jake, and her elder sister Holly, three.

The father and daughter arrived at the doctors’ practise at 8.45am ready for it opening at 9am.

Eric asked a receptionist if his daughter could see a doctor – but was told there was already a queue of 20 people waiting.

The worried dad took a seat with his sick toddler in the waiting room but started demanding help when he saw her lips turn blue after 20 minutes.

The receptionist, Eric claims, failed to even look at the child who was dying in his arms and insisted that he wait his turn.

He begged with receptionist to see a doctor five more times before he demanded someone called for an ambulance as he flet his daughter slipping away.

At around 10.10am Lucie was then taken in to see the “minor illness” nurse who began to examine her but it was then that she stopped breathing.

Pathologists says more tests are needed before they can be certain about the cause of death.

Police are investigating the events surrounding the death and are preparing a report to be handed to the coroner.

Angie yesterday (Mon) praised the medics of the doctors who tried to save her – but slammed the culture or receptionists playing God with peoples’ lives.

More than a million people have visited a Facebook campaign page dedicated to Lucie, and which has 30,000 ‘likes’.

Doctor Fiona Sim, medical director for NHS Bedfordshire and Luton, said: “This is a tragic death of a little girl and our thoughts and condolences are with the family.

“The family must be going through terrible turmoil at this devastating time.

“It is vital that the evidence and facts are gathered so we can all understand what actually happened in this tragic case.

“As this is an unexpected death, there is an ongoing coroner’s enquiry and we are providing every assistance as well as working with the practice to carry out an internal investigation.

“Local NHS services are supporting the family and we wish to offer our full support in any way that we can to help all involved during such a difficult time.”

A police investigation has been launched, although the death is not being treated as suspicious. An inquest was opened and adjourned on Friday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is only one side of the story. There is a lot to this that is still to come out. There is still no coroners report and no cause of death. The police have said there is no criminal case. Angie is now using Justice for Lucie on Facebook to incite anger towards the receptionist. What hasn’t been said is that she wasn’t at the surgery and none of the other patients have come forward to corroborate Erics story. They weren’t even registered at the surgery. There needs to be a period of grief as spending all the time searching for vengeance will bring nothing but more problems.

    • Parent says:

      What other side is there? The receptionist has no defence, regardless of being registered or not we are all uk citizens entitled to NHS care! Regardless of that fact, anyone in a health/care sector has to safeguard those who are vulnerable, it is their duty of care! It’s a humane instinct to want to protect and look
      After children, anyone who does not have that instinct or iniative to recognise a child who needs urgent assistance is careless and should not be in that job, no doubt you are related in some form to the receptionist, she should be done for manslaughter. Justice for lucie and protection for our children!

    • Anonymous says:

      I certainly wouldnt have waited 70 minutes if my child was as ill as the father states.. why didnt he take her to hospital or atleast phone an ambulane himself!!!

      Could it be that the receptionist is being used as a scape goat?????
      Through the parents own actions ??? blaming somebody else could be easing their guilt for not seeking emergency treatment straight away!!!

      Im sorry but who would sit in a doctors surgery for 70 minutes if their childs lips were turning blue????

      In one of the mothers posts on facebook she states that her son was ill so she took him straight to a+e so they werent taking any chances, surely if they done the same for their daughter things may have been different???

      There is no further police enquiry into this incident.

      • Anonymous says:

        I sadly agree with you, he should have taken her straight to hospital. Who waits for 70 mins to see a Doctor if your child is that ill?

        • Anna Buckingham says:

          They should have taken her the night before. The parents stated she was sick the night before. This was no sudden onset of illness so the night before she must have been very very ill. People blame the insurance. Wrong. People blame the receptionist, Wrong! The parents are to blame and there was hardly any mourning done at all before facebook was brought into it as a way to make money. Then on facebook all mention is towards the mother mainly when the dad was involved as well he is greiving too. On facebook page the comments are chilling, this is one of those cases where you have to see it to believe it. IF my chldren ever got a runny nose I took them to the doctor IF I thought my child was having probbems breathing I take them to the ER. I just HOPE DCS is involved. Really because I DO NOT blame the receptionist they are normally not mediclly trained andI do blame the parents they had an older child so they know how children get very sick quickly. We are in an educated society not the MIddle Ages Even a 5 year old knows to call 999 I hope the money IF they gain any is really used to honor the one who died for it. The poor little baby girl. May God Bless her and even though the fault may or may not be the parents may God bless them and help the see forgiveness is for them not the other person. Being unforgiving will eat at your very soul.

          • Becky says:

            Anna what makes you feel that you can comment so strongly and be so opinionated about something that you have never experienced the loss of a child must be the most devastating aspect a parent ever has to deal with. You cannot say what you would have done and how you would be behaving after an event like this because you haven’t experienced it.

    • kelly shanks says:

      For any adult to stand back and what while a toddler struggling to breath SHOCKING.


      • Anonymous says:

        That’s all very well saying that Kelly but there’s 2 sides to every story. You and other people who support JFL hang on every post in Facebook so clearly that makes you no better than the rest who have been brainwashed into thinking it’s the receptionists fault. Anon, I saw that very same post too through a friends but what mortified me more than ever was seeing a post through my feed when the lil girls mother wished it had of happened to her son instead of her daughter. That was around Christmas time. That Facebook page is tainted with nothing more than bitter evil people and those that support the page are every much as bad supporting the posts the child’s mother puts on there as well as those who have aired their not so nice views about the receptionist. It’s ok for nasty comments to be said about her yet if something’s said to the child’s mother from the public, admins are quick enough to remove the comments that are made. It’s a disgrace that the page isn’t really used for the title itself. Just a venting ground for people to air their judgemental comments about one person they deem to see fit that it’s ok to slander.

        • Anonymous says:

          I fully agree. Some of the so called supporters don’t care less about the child….they just want to spout bile.

          • Anna Buckingham says:

            I agree at first I was so upset bu the story then I thought through neglect this child is in Heaven. She is much better off she is in a Place I personally long to be. But this facebook page is like the worst of daytime dramas in a high school. Contradictions the mother and other people who post. Almost all the posts are about the mother, the health care system and the rage, IF the ‘other side’ gets a hold of this the mom and dad will lose because it is obvious this is a excuse to sue. Not an excuse to get LAWS changed but and excuse to sue. SAD

    • rest in peace lucie says:

      I agree this is only one side, these parents had not bothered to register their children at a doctors which is 39 seconds from their home?? they stood waiting for a doc to see her he called the mum yet couldn’t call an ambulance himself? if you saw your child getting worse by the second surely you’d just call an ambulance yourself or scream for help until it came?
      a receptionist isn’t trained to be a doctor it’s upto the doctors to see her or anyother child not a receptionist,
      if they had been there since before it opened then why were 20 people in front of them?
      if she looked so ill why did they not act as they should have as parents and taken her to hospital instead of doctors?
      lots of ifs and buts and a precious toddler has been made an angel through lots of mistakes but tbh her parents should have been the ones looking out for her not a stranger!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately for this family, I believe that if the receptionist had noted the problem and alerted the doctor, this would not have happened. At one point I had a similar instance, and finally I just walked back and talked to the nurse and we got my son the help he needed. IF that child had been bleeding all over the place, it would have been more noticeable.
    This has also been known to happen at our local hospital – I experienced it first hand. I have severe allergies and was put in the waiting room, others there put up a stink and insisted that they take me (I had trouble breathing and was turning blue) and they finally looked – I ended up being rushed into a room and taken care of and spent 3 days in intensive care after being intubated… My family doctor finally told me that if I felt it was that urgent, don’t wait for him, just call an ambulance. So far, that advice has saved my life an additional 2 times. FYI – I carry 3 epi pens and a host of other medications and still have had to be hospitalized. My heart breaks for this family. One person’s incorrect action should not have such fatal result – if people would just pay attention to others…

  3. john doe says:

    I hope the receptionist has nightmares for the rest of her life!

    • Anonymous says:

      umm that’s not fair. receptionists are not clinically trained.

      also this case shows why GP surgeries could not be used as an emergency department. this child needed an 999 ambulance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What right does a receptionist have to choose if its bad enough to see a doctor or not ?? we have the same at our surgery. they are like trying to get through a gorilla. justice for lucie xx

  5. susan says:

    There needs to be a triage system with a qualified medical practioner not a receptionist. A receptionist is not a trained medical. Professional. Something is very wring here.

  6. Dee O'Beirne says:

    I am a member of Justice For Lucie and have not once seen Angie incite hatred many others have expressed their opinion of this receptionist many of these have been of hatred, but if you read through alot of Angies posts she clearly states this is not a campaign to incite hatred but to alert other parents and get justice for her daughters life that was taken too young through the ignorance of one person.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually if you’re a member of her page, there has been slanderous remarks that has been on the JFL Facebook Page which you are fully aware that one of the comments a while back was reported. I believe she put something to the effect of she hopes people have a horrible Christmas because of the tragedy of her daughter. I believe at that time, it did turn quite a few heads as far as her hatred goes and since then there has also been personal slanderous remarks made towards the receptionist too. I have to agree with what others are saying, we’re only seeing one side of the story being published by the media. We’re not seeing the full facts so really we as the public shouldn’t be judging someone just because we only see one side of the story and if the child was ill the night before, I would of sent them to A & E. Remind yourself, if you were that worried about your kid, wouldn’t you have done something there and then rather than leave it a day after knowing how ill they were. Especially with a kid at 23 months.. People who point fingers might wanna rethink about what they say.

      • Anonymous says:

        I would like to know what the mother was doing whilst the dad was gone for 70 mins with the child. Surely she would have rung to see how her daughter was?

    • Anna Buckingham says:

      I have read and it is all contradicting.

  7. Lee-anne says:

    I hope Angie is getting the correct legal advice she clearly needs because if she has been then she would know a medical receptionist alerts the GP to all emergencies coming in and its down to the doctors discretion who is seen and how long they need to wait.
    The witch hunt for the receptionist is wrong as so many people have clearly pointed out medical receptionists do not have the appropriate training.Whether the receptionist alerted the GP to the deteriation of Lucie i dont know but if Lucie was kept waitng over an hour that was down to the GP not the receptionist.
    There is two sides to every story and the fact not one of those supposed other emergencies has come forward to back up what Angie and her partner is saying is strange.
    The receptionist is a middle man they pass on information,they do not have the power to make any decision…all decisions are made by the GP…remember that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    If my child was that bad I would have gone to a & e not a go surgery ! They need to accept some responsibility if she was so ill a&e would have been my first port if call

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think Angie’s constant referal to trolls on her facebook page, along with her disgusting language is just provoking people to attack her.

    She is a forty odd year old woman…she is turning her daughter’s page is a hate page….she should behave a bit more dignified and have a bit more respect for the page she has set up in her daughter’s memory.

    I know she is grieving but her behaviour on there is shameful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree, Angie is giving out anger because she knows that she should have done more as a mother herself.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just thought this too I hate to see swearing in context of a child if that makes any sense it makes her look very awful to be honest and although I cannot begin to imagine her grief I don’t agree with her actions.

    • rest in peace lucie says:

      totally agree, the thing is those receptionists wouldn’t have left a child if thy knew how poorly she was for goodness sake it’s a parents role to protect their child not a strangers her page is terrible and I am pretty sure she could find herself in court after all the slanderous things she has said before now!

  10. Anonymous says:

    who actually leaves there child over night if they have a really bad fever, i would rush mine down the a&e at that point, not wait till the morning and then go to a gp surgery the least they could do is take her to children’s a&e even if it is a 4 hr wait, or ring an ambulance. its parents like these that shouldn’t even have children. and then stand in the doctors for 70 mins watching there child’s lips turn blue? why didn’t they ask for an ambulance, if there that STUPID why hasn’t there other child been taken away? wheres social services in all this?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I made a comment not even bad and was banned from her page. She is a very sick woman, her son is a mess and sure her other daughter is getting there. Their guilt is aimed at receptionist rather than taking responsibility for their daughter’s death. If you say anything constructive but not to her liking you are banned so she and her tribe can talk hate and more hate, sick page why FB allows it beyond me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yet they both come on, Angie and her hubby telling people how disgusted they are of the comments of some people yet slander, swear, lash out etc at the rest of the world. I don’t care what their supporters have to say but I do agree with others who have said about the receptionist being used as an escape goat to hide their guilt. Leaving it a day after to take the lil girl to the dr then the father waiting a further 75mins, their childs death was a cause by them both of neglecting their daughter’s urgent care.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh be quiet shes bound to feel anger walk in her shoes for god sake im sick of people slandering the parents its her page she can write what she likes.
        her daddy was in a medical centre for gods sake full of doctors!!!
        receptionist ARE NOT Doctors therefore they should not decide who gets to go first especially when its come to infants!!!
        And Neither are the parents the only person to make that decision should be the doctor that they had to wait mins for!!

        The truth will come out sooon!!!

        • Anna Buckingham says:

          I feel anger because WHEN my kids got a runny nose and they were little like that you take them to the DOCTOR IMMEDIATLY not a day later. Then when you are WORRIED because your BABY is not breathing very well you take the baby to the Emergency. Receptionists are only that they make appointments, answer phones etc. MY kid has a total of 10 doctors and they all have receptionist. They are the same as a secertary the very same. The FB page is full of hate period Full of hate I have to aks WHERE on ther does it HONOR the baby? Where make a law not money

  12. anon says:

    As a mother of children who are now 21 and 20, it is easy with the benefit of hindsight to say what a parent should have done. As we are all being told to not waste A&Es time then most peoples port of call is their GP. The only “crime” the parents are “guilty” of are trusting the people who are meant to care to do their job. Which clearly was not the case here, even if they did make the mistake of not taking her to the hospital that is irrelevant as the receptionist although not trained should have picked up enough over the years to know when a patient is clearly in trouble. When the people who have commented about the terrible parents, just stop for one minute, haven’t we all had to deal with snotty reception staff at our surgeries, I live in Lincolnshire and have from moving around dealt with three different practices over the years and found reception staff to be all of a similar nature. I was passing blood and still asked if my need was urgent. So remember you people who are quick to judge the parents and find them wanting it could be you.

    • Anna Buckingham says:

      I have dealt with snotty receptionist too we all have it is not the fault of the person who answers phones it is not the doctors fault so then whose fault is it? When my kid was having seizures for the first time ever BEFORE I walked into the office door I DEMANDED my kid be seen right then. They KNEW I was the over paranoid mother of 3 they KNEW I could be overreacting but EVEN the most hateful one there got the NURSE right then. NURSES triuage not receptionist!!! or not IF my kids doctors had ever acted like this one time JUSTone thats is it Im done

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think those comments are disgusting and you people should be ashamed! A mother and a father have lost their child! I live in a place where the nearest doctors surgery is 5 minutes awsy and the nearest hospital an hour and a half! Has anybody thought that the doctors was closer?!

    There are clearly some twisted people here who feel the need to blame the parents, imagine if that was you in that situation! How dare you sit there, behind your keyboards where nobody can see you and claim that the parents are responsible!

    I honestly hope you never have to go through anything like this!

    Just remember, a mother has lost her child after that child was kept waiting for 70 minutes! That is despicable!

    I am studying nursing at university and I know that poor babies life could have been saved if she hadn’t been kept waiting!

    In the end, the truth about that horrible day will come out and justice will be served to whoever is responsible!

  14. Becky says:

    I think despite all the facts and fictions the point of all this is that a little girl died and the parents pain must be unbearable. They have to wake each day with the severe pain of losing their little girl. Most of the people’s comments on here are very callous and cold and until you have gone through what Angela and Eric have you are not able to even comment on what they should or shouldn’t be doing or saying.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Disgusting how some of u can sit there and type how her other kids r getting worse how dare u? Have u ever lost a child? Know how hard it can be? But then it’s worse if someone played a helping hand in it. I hope who ever says crap about kids who have done nothing wrong rots in hell.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There own fault who leaves there kid to struggle and be that unwell they could have not been that bothered about luckiest health to leave her in that state for that long they should be ashamed of them selfs it’s their fault not the receptionist this family need to take responsibility for being neglectful

  17. Anonymous says:

    Some of these comments are disgusting. Two parents have lost a child and you are being so vindictive to say it is their fault. What ever the outcome of the trial is you should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking that let alone writing. Grief comes out in all sorts of ways and until you have been through you should not pass comment on how parents should cope.a child should not of been kept waiting that long to be seen. Not pointing the finger, but lets hope a situation like this doesnt happen again

  18. Disgusted at some of these comments says:

    What nasty nasty people some of you are. I don’t know the family involved but I do know, having an 18 month old son myself, how difficult the judgement of sickness can be. my husband and myself are not pushy parents and until reading about Lucie would perhaps not be that demanding in a waiting room full of others.

    The phrase ‘duty of care’ has been completely disregarded in this case.

    Cut the parents some slack, think how you would react if you believed someone had denied your child the chance of their fight for life.

  19. Disgusted at some of these comments says:

    Oh and I am a follower of jfl on Facebook, and take great offence to some of the remarks made above. Angie has always stated that the aim going forward is justice for Lucie, they have been focusing on the inquest. To suggest it’s a money making scheme is unforgivable – don’t judge others by your own standards.

  20. Anonymous says:

    To lose a child in such a terrible situation how could you possibly expect her mother to not be angry and upset? She’s grieving, her baby died and no one did anything. I have been in a doctors surgery where my day old premature son was refused by a receptionist to see a doctor and to be told I was simply an over protective mother, I took him to A&E and was told he was likely to have died had he not been seen within a few hours. This story is a very sad case of what happens everyday to sick children by people who are not medically trained to make a decision on who is seriously ill or not to see a doctor! This poor woman and her family are going though hell after the loss of their daughter regardless of blame lucies legacy will raise awareness and hopefully trigger some sort change to the current system to ensure basic medical training or qualified individuals make that decision. If lucies legacy saves even one child’s life surely that would bring some sort of comfort to a grieving family

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is a tragic event, devastating to all concerned.

    From the information I have read it seems that the father took his daughter to the surgery as it was on his doorstep, he obviously didn’t know his daughter was as ill as she was, or he would have no doubt called 999 there & then.
    The hospital is at least 10-15 minutes away, so logical to go to the closet place for medical help and to ring from there if they thought hospital treatment was needed.

    Information provided indicates that Lucie had suffered from these symptoms a couple of times before, and been treated and recovered 100%, so in her parents shoes I would have done the same thing & taken her to the GP for treatment.
    It was only as she got worse that her father realised this time was different & asked for her to be seen immediately.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Lucie’s parents have been over the events a million times and have beaten themselves up with hundreds of “if only’s”.
    And, if I was the receptionist concerned, I would have done the same, she has probably been asking herself if things might have been different for Lucie if she had got the GP to see her straight away.
    What can be worse than watching a little girl’s life slip away?
    So tragic!

    There have been quite a few comments about the Face Book page that has been set up since this terrible event, Justice for Lucie.
    The page appears to be set up to bring this tragic event into the public eye in the hope that it raises enough awareness to get practices procedures changed to ensure nothing like this happens again.

    There have indeed been some very emotive comments from Lucie’s parents, family & friends, and no doubt a lot of the things said have been done while they have been at their lowest. Who hasn’t lashed out and said things in the heat of the moment when they have been devastated?

    There have also been comments from people in support of the receptionist and surgery that were very upsetting to the family. Everyone present on that terrible day would be dealing with their own grief in their own way and probably wouldn’t have heard their own comments in the way that others reading them would.

    Grief, guilt, anger, confusion, devastating loss, depression and sorrow are just some of the emotions that people would be dealing with, any one of those would have made them less rational in the way they spoke out.

    I feel empathy with all concerned, but after looking at this tragic event from the outside, not having any connection to anyone involved I sit back and ask myself, was any one person to blame?

    No, no one person was to blame.

    However,I do feel that Lucie should have received medical assistance sooner than she did.

    We have no way of knowing if the outcome of that day would have been different if she had, but whether that medical care should have been via her parents calling 999 from her home or from being allowed to see the GP or nurse when she first arrived at the surgery, is a little irrelevant, just that fact that it should have come sooner IS important.

    I don’t blame the receptionist, but do think that if I was in her shoes I would have asked the other patients present if they were happy to let the father see the GP next.
    Especially if it is true that he asked several times when Lucie started to get worse.

    Procedures are set for the smooth running of any company, business or service, but sometimes events dictate a need for on the spot action, this was clearly one of those events.

    As a mother of a little girl the same age as Lucie, I would like to be able to expect for my daughter to be seen as soon as possible if her condition deteriorated whilst waiting to be seen at either a surgery or in A&E.

    The fact is, her father took her a few yards to the GP surgery to seek help, that help wasn’t provided for over an hour and now that little girl has lost her life.

    Something has be learnt from this terrible tragedy, procedures need to change so that it can never happen again.

    Whether these changes come about from the court hearing findings or from the campaign on Face Book, it doesn’t matter, just as long as things do change.

    My heart goes out to Lucie’s parents, twin brother, big sister and all her other family and close friends.

    I also feel for the staff at the surgery, whether they were directly involved like the nurse, GP or receptionist or just affected by the aftermath of that day’s sad events.

    But most of all, my heart goes out to Lucie, taken from this world far too soon, a beautiful little soul that wasn’t given the chance to experience growing up & becoming a lovely young lady, mother or grandmother. There are many people out there who will feel this loss for the rest of their lives, lets hope things change and it is never allowed to happen again

    Each night I give my little girl an extra kiss goodnight, and my thoughts go to that new bright star in the sky, the gorgeous little girl that will never be forgotten.

    Good night Lucie, sleep well little princess!

  22. Anonymous says:

    The loss of a child is always a tragic loss. That said the parents of any child have an inherent responsibility to that child that cannot simply be passed onto someone else.

    The fathers public account of the events of that day are not what is recalled by any other witnesses let us hope the grief has distorted his recollections. If your child is so week over the weekend and you wait until the Monday morning to wait in a busy surgery where you are not registered when there is a hospital with A & E not more than five minutes away you need to question your own actions maybe.

    The coroner put no blame at the door of the surgery or the receptionist staff. This is a very sad situation that is not being helped in anyway by the harrassment and threatening behaviour being vented on some members of staff. It is all well and good people with no knowledge of the events helping to perpetuate the lies and half truths surrounding the case but its not them who is scared to answer their door at night or go to work in the morning.

    If Bedfordshire Police do not act soon there will be another incident to report here I fear.

  23. anonymous says:

    Angie needs counselling so she can move on from her anger stage of bereavement towards acceptance. Blaming others helps nobody when there is nobody to blame. Her page had 80k supporters so much good could have come from it, instead due to her vulgarity ( calling people c#nts) and nastiness nothing has been achieved. Easier to blame the receptionist then look inwards I guess?

  24. S says:

    It’s quite annoying that people keep saying the doctors was nearer – yeah MAYBE it was but in that HOUR AND 10 Mins — she could of been almost or even there in the A&E dept.. with the paramedics helping her till she got there – surely that is better than just sitting there ?? so that doesnt hold a debate !!

    And it was NOT the receptionist fault !!!

    Get a grip everyone and just let this lovely little girl REST IN PEACE !!

  25. Anonymous says:

    The JFL page appears to have disappeared, along with the bike and hatred that progressively appeared in there. What happened to lucies legacy that they kept going on about at the beginning? There is no justice to be had. The receptionist is obviously a bit of a jobs worth if she would not allow other people to let lucie go ahead of them as has been alleged but some of the things being said are just wrong. I would have taken my children to hospital.

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