Now that’s a Kinder Suprise! Toddler gets covered in yolk after ‘worst dad ever’ swaps chocolate for REAL EGG

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A heartbroken toddler bursts into tears as he bites a Kinder Surprise – after his prankster father swapped the chocolate treat for a real egg.

The Brazilian youngster laughs as he excitedly unwraps the sweet treat which normally comes with a cute toy inside.

But instead he bites into a boiled white egg which explodes and covers his face in yolk.

The moment the expectant toddler bites in the egg and gets his face covered in yolk after his father switched the chocolate inside

The moment the expectant toddler bites in the egg and gets his face covered in yolk after his father switched the chocolate inside

The father – dubbed ‘the worst dad ever’ – and a friend then roar with laughter as the shocked toddler screeches uncontrollably with egg dripping from his face.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the father then uploads the 1.31 minute clip to YouTube where it has been viewed almost 40,000 times.

It has quickly been picked up by Twitter users and bloggers who branded the joker father  ‘the worst dad ever’.

One said: ‘Poor little guy. Hopefully he will forget, but sometimes being pranked by your dad can be unforgettable.’

Another added: ‘This is the worst dad ever! He just bursts out laughing while his kid is sitting their crying.’

But one said: ‘Its hilarious! For those who think its horrible, my dad pranked me with stuff like that (a stone eggs and other stupid stuff) but I got sweet sweet revenge and it taught me not to take stuff seriously.’

The video titled ‘Joke that makes a child cry’ was uploaded onto the video sharing site on October 31 last year.

It begins with the father filming himself wrapping a boiled egg in the Kinder Surprise foil, before handing it to the youngster.

The child initially asks why it is different from other Kinder Surprises and carefully examines it.

But the parent tells him it is ‘a new type of egg’ and that he should bite into it with his teeth.

Seconds later the soft outer white layer of the egg snaps and the runny orange yolk splashes all over the child.

Although comments are disabled, internet users on other sites said they thought it was ‘pretty funny’.

One said: ‘I thought it was pretty funny, a harmless prank. The kid was a bit of a baby…bursting into tears over something so inconsequential at that age? My Dad used to play tricks like that on my sister and I all of the time. It was never a big deal.’

But another added: ‘Funny? Don’t be surprised when the kid develops trust issues after having a loser dad!’

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