“A Little Christmas Miracle” : Tiny Prem Baby Weighing Just 2lbs Goes Home Just In Time For Christmas

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Family hand out of Theo Dawes in hospital

Family hand out of Theo Dawes in hospital

A tiny baby due who was due to be born on Christmas Day has finally gone home after arriving into the world ten weeks early weighing just 2lbs.

Christmas miracle Theo Dawes has given his parents Vicky Curry, 38, and Martin Dawes, 42, the best festive present ever after battling to survive his early arrival.

Vicky Curry had previously suffered miscarriages and was even told she might not be able to carry a child.

So she was was anxious when baby Theo was born early weighing a featherweight 2lbs – the same as a bag of flour.

But the tiny fighter managed to survive against all the odds and has returned home in time for Christmas to the joy of Vicky and Martin Dawes.

Theo Dawes with his dad Martin and mum Vicky Curry

Theo Dawes with his dad Martin and mum Vicky Curry

Vicky, of Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, said: “After being told I couldn’t have children after the age of 34 because of my own health problems – it is so nice to have him home though.

“Theo is honestly the best Christmas present we could have asked for – it’s a dream come true for both of us.

“After three miscarriages you really think that it won’t happen, but Theo’s home now and he’s a little Christmas miracle.”

Theo was suppose to be born on Christmas Day until a later scan had brought his due date up to December 21.

But following a catalogue of complications with placenta growth and umbilical chord resulted in Theo struggling to get the nutrients and oxygen – he was born ten weeks early.

The couple have anxiously watched over their baby as he was looked after by staff at Sunderland Royal’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

While at the unit the brave youngster was kept in a special incubator and received respiratory care as a result of his lungs being premature and weak.

But he was eventually allowed home on December 5 – just in time for his first Christmas.

And despite two more trips back to the hospital because of problems with the newborn’s breathing problems, the couple are working around the clock to keep Theo fighting – and growing.

Theo Dawes pictured at home

Theo Dawes pictured at home

Speaking about the journey, Sales Manager Vicky said: “Theo was originally due on December 21, but was born prematurely on October 13 as a result of complications during pregnancy.

“In total Theo spent over seven weeks at the hospital where he required a blood transfusion because of his low level of red blood cells.

“This has helped him significantly, but he still requires oxygen and is fed breast milk and fortifier through a small tube mostly.

“We are very grateful to the amazing staff of doctors and nurses for the care they have given to our son and the support they have given to both of us.

“Without them and the equipment they use there is a very strong possibility our little boy would not be here today.”

Vicky and Martin have now launched a bid to raise more than £20,000 to buy a new incubator and equipment for the ward which cared for their son.

Web designer and singer Dad Martin, added: “All the staff at the Neonatal Unit of Sunderland Royal have been amazing, so the fundraising is to say a big thank you to them.”

As well as the new incubator, the couple hope to raise enough funds to buy equipment such as heart rate and respiratory monitor and a transfusion machine which administers milk feed and antibiotics to sick babies.

The couple’s crowdfunding page is viewable at: www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/victoria-curry?utm_id=92&utm_term=qEXXnPDnB

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