Tinting burned off my eyebrows!

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A pretty redhead told today how her eyebrows were permanently burned off during a bungled routine tinting session.

Care worker Natasha Henshaw, 25, was nearly blinded when the tint was applied after her eyebrows had been waxed, leaving her pores open to the chemicals.

She was left in searing pain and awoke the next day to find her eyebrows “scattered all over” her face.

Natasha on holiday before the tinting treatment burned off her eyebrows

Natasha Henshaw on holiday before the tinting treatment burned off her eyebrows

Doctors have warned her it is unlikely her eyebrows will ever grow back.

Mum-of-one Natasha, from Dingle, Liverpool, said: “I went in to get beautiful and I came out looking like a beast, it’s horrible.

“My doctor told me I could have gone blind had it been left on for much longer.

“I have been in agony with them, they are so itchy, I just want to scratch them off.

“At first they were just weeping and very gungy, and that was dripping down into my eyes. I have been in a lot of pain.”

The damage left by the bungled treatment. Natasha's eyebrows are now never likely to grow back

The damage left by the bungled treatment. Natasha’s eyebrows are now never likely to grow back

Mum-of-one Natasha had the #10 tint and wax at the Boudoir salon, near her home in Dingle, Liverpool, two weeks ago.

The beautician waxed her eyebrows before applying a tint to make them darker but did not use a test patch beforehand to test for an allergic reaction.

Natasha immediately noticed a searing pain in her eyebrows but assumed it would subside and went home.

But she went to her local NHS walk-in centre the next day after after waking up to find her eyebrows had ‘come off’ during the night.

Medics diagnosed an allergic reaction and prescribed her antihistamines.

But when the condition got so bad she could barely open her eyes two days later she made an appointment with her doctor – who said she was lucky not to have lost her sight.

Natasha was told that all of the soft tissue around her eyebrows had been burnt and the dye should never have been applied to open pores.

She was put on antibiotics in an attempt to ease the pain but the whole ordeal has now left the once confident mum unable to leave her house.

Natasha, who has a two-year-old son Logan, said: “Obviously she has done my eyebrows the opposite way round to what she would normally do.

“When she put the tint on it was so uncomfortable and it was burning, I had to ask the hair dresser to take the tint off because the beautician refused and told me to keep it on all day.

“The next morning all my eyebrows were on my face where they had fallen out and it was so painful.

“She has burnt all my skin, if you look she has not even put the dye on my eyebrows it is all round them.

“It doesn’t look like the hair will grow back now because they have literally burnt all the skin. She has damaged the tissue entirely.

“The fact I have no eyebrows has totally knocked my confidence, I don’t want to go out. People were starring at me. I don’t even want to leave now, it’s awful.

“I have bald patches, so I dread to think what they will look like when they are all healed.

“I wish I had never gone in there now, you expect to get the right treatment that you are going in for, but obviously I didn’t.”

Boudoir claims that Natasha, who has visited the salon without incident before, had asked for the tint to be applied after the wax – a claim that she denies.

But salon owner Dean Foster revealed that the beautician who had treated her had walked out on her job after the incident.

said: “Clearly Natasha has had a reaction to the treatment and then picked up an infection. We did not give her a patch test as she has had the treatment before.

“We will do anything we can to help her.”

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  1. candice says:

    Im also experiencing this awful nightmare, yesterday i got my eyebrows tinted for the first time, the women who did them did not ask me if i would like a patch test before she began to tint my eyebrows, so without hesitation or demanding a patch test first i did not interrupt her as i thought she knew what she was doing and that there purhaps isnt anything in the tint that could have made me have a bad reaction. im only 16 years old and i went with my friend who has never had her brows tinted before either and i highly doubt shes going too without a skin test first after seeing the results of mine, im curious and it would mean alot if you could please tell me if you have recovered from this experience and how long it took before all the swelling and everything went down as im really scared, it hasnt yet even been 24 hours and my face is swollen and covered in weeping blisters and is very painful, i cant stop crying because i am so terrified if it gets any worse then what it is,and how long im going be in this much pain. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET BACK TO ME IT WOILD MEAN ALOT!!!!!!! thankyou x

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