Tiger kills lion at zoo

March 8, 2011 | by | 2 Comments

A Bengal tiger has killed a lion at a Turkish zoo, it has emerged.

Tiger kills lion at zoo

Bengal Tiger (library picture)

The giant cat is understood to have found a hole in the fence which separates the tigers and lions at Ankara Zoo and taken a swipe at its rival, severing its jugular vein.

Ankara Zoo, which has six tigers and two remaining lions, denied the tiger had bent the bars in its enclosure and insisted the zoo is safe for visitors despite the chilling incident.

The BBC has reported that the incident took place in September with the zoo only revealing details of it yesterday.

In October last year, a Ukrainian lion trainer was attacked by the killer cats at L’viv Circus as tourists watched in horror.


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  1. Simon says:

    Who is the king of the jungle some are already saying.
    It had to gauge any conclusion. The tiger could be still wild and the lion might be tame will produce similar outcome. Tigress can be better fighter than lioness. An adult lion will have a maine that protect its jugular. Either a lioness or a young lion.

  2. Lets hope no kids saw it. I dont blame people being weary about going to the zoo, if that tiger was able to get through the enclosure to kill a fellow animal im sure it would think twice about knawring into some juicy human’s…. Its a very pretty tiger mind.

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