Thug on the run from cops posts a selfie standing in front of a POLICE STATION

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A wanted man on the run from cops has mocked their efforts to find him by posting a selfie of himself standing in front of – a POLICE STATION.

Aaron Bee, 22, first goaded Lincolnshire Police last Friday by bragging on Facebook he “always liked playing hide and seek”.

But on Tuesday  the swaggering yob taunted police further by posted pictures of himself on the social network site standing outside Lincoln Police Station.

Facebook profile of Aaron Bee showing the picture of himself outside Lincoln Police Station

Facebook profile of Aaron Bee showing the picture of himself outside Lincoln Police Station

Aaron Bee (left) with a friend in another picture from his Facebook page

Aaron Bee (left) with a friend in another picture from his Facebook page

In a status update to his 1,635 friends the cheeky fugitive wrote: “Just a quick selfie out side Lincoln police station ‘#theystillcarntcatchme.”

He later uploaded another image taken from a car window of a female officer standing by the roadside with the caption: “Hello is it me your looking for”.

Yesterday the dad-of-one said: “I did it because it’s funny. Its just a bit of fun really. If I’ve got one message for the police it’s ‘come catch me if you can’.”

Lincolnshire Police launched their appeal to find Bee who is wanted in connection with an assault and an incident of domestic violence last Wednesday.

After failing to find him at his home in Lincoln officers turned to the public’s help for information.

They released a mug-shot of Bee, who then took to social media that evening to mock the force’s attempts to trace him.

He branded the pursuit as “fun and games” and joked “I always liked playing hide and see as a kid.”

Writing on his Facebook page he added: “How come my photo is all over Facebook ? Anybody would think iam (sic) wanted or something lmao.”

He added on Monday: “Anybody have an idea on a new hiding place ? Theese rabbit hutch Are getting boring !!!!”

Pals commented on the latest photos with one Nicole Laura Stiff saying: “Thought was joking when u said he was guna do it”

Another friend Phil Rowe added: “Funny as…Lincolnshire police worst hide and seek players ever.”

Speaking yesterday Aaron said: “It’s really funny, I wanted to do it to show how ridiculous this all is and how they obviously aren’t that bothered about me.

“They are making me out to be a mass murderer of some sorts but I’m not a violent bloke. But they can’t even find me.

“Its only criminal damage and assault and I haven’t even been found guilty of them yet.

“I’m not going to hand myself in, they will have to track me down but they haven’t tried that hard to find me.

“I was just enjoying the thrill of the chase but it’s started to get boring now.”

Lincolnshire Police confirmed they were still looking for Bee.

A force spokesman said: “We are aware of comments made by Mr Bee on social media.

“He is clearly upset that we wish to speak to him.

“His forthright manner will not divert us from our quest to arrest him.

“Should he wish to attend Lincoln Police Station to discuss the situation we will be very pleased to accommodate him.”

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