Thug tried to HANG his neighbour’s cat after it soiled his garden

August 15, 2013 | by | 3 Comments

A thug who tried to HANG his neighbour’s pet cat after it soiled his garden has pleaded guilty to cruelty charges.

Warped Karl Dyke, 52, wrapped a slip knot around the throat of three-year-old Siamese cat Coralie before suspending the animal in his shed.

Owners Michael and Tracey Lawrence heard Coralie meowing in distress and rushed out of their home in Hereford to see Dyke holding their cat last month.

They ran around to his garden, to see him tying a cord around the cat’s neck and hanging it in his shed, Hereford Magistrates Court heard.

After a fight the cat ran away in distress with the cord still attached to his neck in a slip knot.

Dyke told the court he had carried out the act and locked the cat in his shed to “teach her a lesson” because she kept going to the toilet in his garden.

Dyke, from Hereford, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal when he appeared before JPs.

Dyke disputed he was trying to kill the cat and will be sentenced after a further hearing in November.

He refused to comment outside court on Monday.

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  1. MEB says:

    I hope the cat hanger has an “accident”. Loser.

  2. Cat Lover says:

    Lets hope he gets strung up by his neck in prison, fingers crossed

  3. Anonymous says:

    disgusted that he has been sentenced to jail for attacking a cat. Is it ok for a neighbours cat to enter your garden dig up your newly planted flowers and veg leaving a disgusting stink, kill butterflies, mice, and birds and there is nothing you can do about it. If people want to keep pets they need to ensure they keep them on their own property.

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