Three-Year-Old Saves Pregnant Mum’s Life After She Fell Unconscious – By Using Facetime To Raise The Alarm

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swns_tracey_riches_01A pregnant woman who fell unconscious has thanked her three-year-old daughter for saving her – by using FACETIME to raise the alarm.

Grateful Tracey Riches, 31, passed out on the sofa with severe morning sickness and there were fears she could choke on her own vomit.

She was alone with daughters Mikayla, three, and Charlie, two but Mikayla came to her rescue.

The youngster calmly picked up her mum’s i-Phone, typed in her password and made the video call to her grandmother Colette, 52.

The gran then called an ambulance Mikayla let the paramedics into their home in Paignton, Devon to treate her mum.

swns_tracey_riches_16Tracey said: “I felt really weak in the morning.

“I came downstairs and sat with my little ones and that’s all I remember until the paramedics were shouting in my face.

“My mum told me that Mikayla had Facetimed her and said, ‘Grandma, I can’t wake up mummy’.

“She definitely saved my life – the paramedics said I could’ve choked on my own vomit.

“When they arrived, they said I was grey. I owe her so much.”

Three-year-old Mikayla

Three-year-old Mikayla

Tracey, who lives with husband Thomas, 33, is eight weeks pregnant and has been signed off work as a pub manager due to her crippling bouts of morning sickness.

After Mikayla raised the alarm during the incident on Monday paramedics rushed her to Torbay Hospital and put on a drip.

Tracey added: “Mikayla knows the code to my iPhone – she Facetimed my mum at 10.15am.

“Apparently she was calm and really matter of fact – saying, ‘I cannot wake mummy or open her eyes’.

“I cannot explain how proud I am – a three-year-old staying so calm and doing what she did is amazing.

“The paramedics said she deserves a medal and I owe her my life.”

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