Three-year-old girl to receive bravery award for heart-warming 999 call in which she saves pregnant mum’s life

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An adorable three-year-old girl is getting a bravery award today (wed) for the endearing 999 call she made to save her pregnant mum’s life.

Little Emma picked up the phone after finding her heavily-pregnant mum Catherine unconscious at the bottom of the stairs.

She dialled 999 and calmly gave her address and told the operator her mum had fallen down the stairs with “a baby in her tummy”.

She stayed on the line for 11 minutes, explained her mum had banged her head but was not bleeding and said she had even checked the door was unlocked ready for an ambulance crew.

Emma Bazzard who saved her mother Catherine's life when she dialled 999 to report that her mum had fallen down the stairs (SWNS Group)

Emma Bazzard who saved her mother Catherine’s life when she dialled 999 to report that her mum had fallen down the stairs (SWNS Group)

In the heart-warming recording the caring youngster is heard telling call handler Sarah Morris: “Mummy fall down a stairs (sic) and she has got a baby.”

And after Sarah asks whether the baby is “asleep” and how old it is, Emma reveals: “It’s in mummy’s tummy.

“It’s very, very big. It’s coming at Christmas.”

When Sarah asks if Emma is getting a baby brother or sister from Father Christmas, little Emma answers: “No, from mummy.”

Emma can then be heard telling her mum “everything is ok” and “stay still”, and then “the ambulance is coming”, before she tells Sarah: “I’m giving her a cuddle.”

Catherine Bazzard with her daughter Emma (SWNS Group)

Catherine Bazzard with her daughter Emma (SWNS Group)

Thanks to her remarkable actions paramedics arrived within minutes at the house in Nailsea, Somerset and Catherine was rushed to hospital.

She recovered and safely gave birth to a baby boy a few weeks later. He was premature, but his early arrival was not due to the fall.

Little hero Emma visited her local ambulance station today (Wed) to be awarded a bravery certificate.

She also met impressed staff from South Western Ambulance Service, including paramedic Alison Beresford who responded to her emergency call on November 12.

SWNS_LITTLE_LIFESAVER_05Before the visit mum-of-three Catherine said: “I don’t recall a great deal about the incident, but by all accounts Emma was absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable and calm.

“I couldn’t be more proud of her and I’m really pleased that the ambulance service is presenting her with a certificate.

“We are very much looking forward to meeting the staff and visiting the station.”

She added: “I think this highlights how important it is to teach your child how to call 999 because they are never too young to put what they’ve learnt into practice.”

Call handler Sarah, who met Emma and her family this afternoon (Weds) said the little girl was more calm than many adults who phone 999.

She said: “When I first spoke to the little girl I knew that she was young, but was amazed to discover that she was only three.

“The amount of detail she was able to provide was incredible; she answered every question I put to her more calmly than most adults under similar circumstances.”

Paramedic Alison added: “We are delighted to learn that both mum and baby are doing well.

“If it wasn’t for Emma’s bravery the outcome of this incident might have been very different and we would like to personally thank her for being so brave.”

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