Three amazing upcycling projects

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Kirstie Allsop is well known for her upcycling skills

Kirstie Allsop is well known for her upcycling skills

People have always upcycled old or unwanted furniture and clothing, and other possessions. This movement has now become a fashionable trend.

Upcycling has become a business opportunity. There are many ways to regenerate unused or out of date items and anyone can enjoy this experience. Here are three upcycling ideas.

1. Transformation is possible for everyone

It is very easy to go out and buy brand new furniture and throw away the old, but many people are realising they can liven up old items with a little help. Homecrafts is a good source of inspiration. You will be surprised what you can make yourself just by getting ideas from the internet.

The presenter Kirstie Allsopp is well known for her television programmes showing how to upcycle, quoting in the Daily Mail: ‘What it means is revamping, repainting, repolishing your furniture, putting your

own personal stamp on it without impacting the environment or your budget.’

If you have something old and tired stuck in the garage why not bring it back to life? You’ll be amazed by the end result.

2. Lampshades and Lighting

Upcycling has changed dramatically over the last decade and interior designers are starting to make use of discarded articles to brighten up dark and dingy corners.

Other ways of making lamps and light fittings are to paint old jars and wine bottles or cover them with cuttings from comics and even by using old plastic spoons to create a fashionable light fitting.

Recently the Guardian newspaper held a competition called Live Better, asking people to demonstrate their upcycling ideas; one of these was using old jelly moulds as lampshades. Once you have gained some confidence in yourself the ideas will soon come to you. So don’t give up if it goes wrong.

3. Clothing and Jewellery

Everyone has discarded clothing hiding in the back of a drawer or cupboard that they’ve forgotten about or that doesn’t fit anymore, but instead of throwing these items away why not use them for a makeover. Old T-shirts can be dipped in dye and if you use an oversize garment you can finish it off by wearing a belt around the middle to gather it in.

It helps if you don’t mind standing out in a crowd, wearing bright colours and looking that little bit more of an individual. There are also many ways of making jewellery from simple things that you will have lying around the house, for example, old CDs can be cut into various shapes, drilling a hole where needed and then stringing them together to make a necklace or bracelet.

Be brave

Once you realise that every piece of unwanted junk may have an upcycling potential, you’ll never throw anything away again. Look at some local skips as well as junk and charity shops. The humblest household item can gain a new lease of life and you can revel in its splendour.

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