WATCH : This Two-Year-Old Petrolhead Can Identify 50 Different Types Of Car!

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Car loving Nicholas Drake.

Car loving Nicholas Drake.

This mini petrolhead can identify 50 different types of car – despite being just TWO years old.

Footage shows adorable Nicholas Drake reeling off the makes and models of various vehicle – including a Mustang, Tesla, Corvette and Pontiac.

The talented toddler – whose favourite motor is a Porsche – has been obsessed with everything auto-related since he was six months old, when he got his first toy car.

Proud mum Julie, 31, says that since he said his first words around a year ago, they’re all he talks about – and now he can name between 40 and 50.

Every night Nicholas sits with dad Luke, 31, and learns about more cars, and the cute youngster can’t leave the house without pointing out every one he passes.

His impressive memory and ability to tell vehicles apart turned him into an internet sensation earlier this year when a video of him identifying different models went viral.

But since then he’s learned to recognize even more cars – including a string of American classics, as he demonstrates in this latest clip.

Car loving Nicholas Drake with mum Julie and sister Pearl, four

Car loving Nicholas Drake with mum Julie and sister Pearl, four

Car loving Nicholas Drake with dad Luke, 31.

Car loving Nicholas Drake with dad Luke, 31.

Julie, a medical researcher from North Carolina, US, said: “Ever since he was six months old, Nicholas has just loved cars.

“When he was 18 months old we went to Charleston and we were walking around the streets there and he was pointing to cars and saying, ‘What is that?’

“My husband started teaching him the makes and models and it’s become a family hobby.

“It is so funny. He just has to hear a car name and he can remember it. He must know 40 or 50.

“We go for walks and he will call out the name of every car he passes.

“It’s surprising because he is so young but he is just such a passionate kid in general.”

At bedtime, Nicholas requests special car-themed lullabies so his dad, a PHD student, croons ‘rockabye Porsche’ to him as he nods off.

Car loving Nicholas Drake.

Car loving Nicholas Drake.

SWNS_CAR_MAD_04His passion has rubbed off on his parents and big sister Pearl, four, and the family now visit car shows in their spare time.

Julie said: “We all appreciated cars before but none of us was an enthusiast. It has become a hobby-we watch Top Gear together.”

She added: “My dad is an engineer and we wonder if Nicholas will end up as a machine engineer working with cars.

“I don’t think his passion is going away any time soon. We are super proud of him. We love it.”

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