The tooth is out: pervy dentist guilty of inappropriate behaviour

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A dentist who tapped female patients on the bottom and suggested a woman could pay for her treatment ”in other ways” has been found guilty of inappropriate behaviour.

Peter Wesolowski, 53, claimed he accidentally groped two female patients because his surgery was not designed for a left-handed dentist.

But a General Dental Council (GDC) panel held in London found him guilty of a string of allegations between 2002 and 2009.

Wesolowski admitted several charges of poor treatment and clerical work during the course of an 11-day hearing.

The Australian dentist was also found guilty of unprofessional behaviour and making racist remarks.

At the hearing, the GDC panel heard one former patient, a 41-year-old mother-of-two, describe him as being ”touchy-feely”.

She said that while she was having a filling done he placed a pot of what she thought was a substance used for filling cavities on her chest rather than on a table.

The woman also described a conversation between Wesolowski and a dental nurse during which he quizzed her about her sex life.

Racially abused surgery owner

She said: ”They were just chatting away but they were talking about the dental nurse having been away for the weekend.

”He then said to her ‘Did you lose your virginity’?.

”I did not say anything but I was shocked. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I’m not a prude but I felt it was inappropriate.”

A second woman said Wesolowski had smacked her bottom and that he often brushed her chest during dental work.

The hearing heard that Wesolowski also made derogatory remarks about Pakistanis to staff members at his surgery.

He also made comments about his nurse’s sex life in front of one of the women and racially abused the owner of his surgery, AA Giovani & Associates in Leicester, it was claimed.

In his defence, Malcolm Fortune QC, suggested the contact was inadvertent and due to Wesolowski being a left-handed dentist working in a surgery set up for right-handed people.

He said: ”Did you appreciate that he was a left-handed dentist working in a right-handed set-up surgery?’ She replied that she did not.

In normal circumstances, a right-handed dentist would stand with their right hand towards the patient’s mouth. The dental instruments would be on the same side as the dentist.

A left-handed dentist using the same set-up would stand on the other side so their left hand was nearest the patient, but they would then need to reach across to select instruments.
Wesolowski was also found guilty of telling a female patient she could be treated free and suggesting she ”could pay in other ways” and made comments suggesting he wanted a sexual relationship.

He said he had learned a ”serious lesson from the proceedings”.

In evidence, Wesolowski admitted he was a ”tactile and caring” person who touched nervous patients to ”reassure and guide them”.

He admitted that may have included ”taps on the bottom”, but said he always sought to put patients at ease.

Wesolowski said: ”I understand that may be seen as outside the bond of what was acceptable or good.”

Committee members at the hearing will decide on Wesolowski’s fitness to practice and whether he should be struck off.

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  1. Annis4 says:

    I had dealings with Pan,Peter Wesolowski and I can say with honesty that he was never unprofessional or impolite nor was he the touchy/feely type either- however I did have words with an asian dentist- Amim Mohomed who was obnoxious to say the least and the receptiontists (all female) were too friendly with the Polish dentists who seemed rather shocked by their behaviour.
    I personally think it was not up to Peter Wesolowski to alter the dental chair etc- Any adjustments should have been provided by his employer…And if his employer did not like (Pan)Peter Wesolowski’s attitude he has only himself to blame! As for the dental nurses and receptiontists they were always present during any treatment- so if they thought (Pan)Peter Wesolowski was not up to professional standard or in keeping with the AA Govani clinic he should have been removed a lot earlier therefore preventing 5 later incidents to take place.
    I had to report AA Govani/Associates failing to provide acceptable NHS dental support and in turn they black listed me for what I still don’t know- they never did explain what I did or say to offend them. The Polish dentists were the best there! I have blacklisted AA Govani and Associatees too!

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