The Tastiest Retro Sweets of All Time

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quarterCan you remember all those tasty treats you used to buy from the sweetshop when you were a child?

The much-missed penny mix conjures up so many happy memories for people of a wonderful time when you could get your hands on a big bag of sweeties without having to break the bank!

You won’t find a more passionate bunch of sweet fanatics than the guys at A Quarter Of; their knowledge of the industry is second-to none.

After taking a nostalgia-driven walk down memory lane, they decided to create an infographic list of the tastiest sweets of all time; backed by some facts that you may or may not have known about your own childhood favourites.

Did you know, for example, that Aniseed Balls were used as an improvised explosive in WWII?

Or that in America the classic sherbet favourite Flying Saucers are more commonly known as Satellite Wafers?

Or that Rhubarb & Custard sweets contain neither rhubarb or custard?

A Quarter Of are helping to recreate many happy memories for folks all across the globe with their faithful recreations of these classic treats.

Sweet-toothed shoppers can pick up their favourites in bulk; a brilliant way in which to rekindle those happy childhood memories.

Retro sweets also represent the perfect gift for a loved one – imagine their face when they unwrap a 250g bag of their favourites!

If you’re lucky they may even share them with you.

The idea for A Quarter Of came, as is so often the case, from a discussion in the pub.

The founders spent an enjoyable evening recounting their favourite sweets from their childhood, which they used to pick up from their local sweetshop on the way to school.

Bemoaning the loss of the traditional high street sweetshop, the gang remembered fondly the smells and sights of walking into the shop and seeing sweets stacked as high as the eye could see.

And so they wondered if they could still buy their old favourites to this day.

They were pleasantly surprised: many of the classic sweets of yesteryear are still being produced, even if it is incredibly hard to find them in your local town.

And so they set about developing their new business venture: an online sweetshop where customers could buy traditional sweets by the bag and have them delivered straight to their doors!

They got a few suppliers on board, had the website built and A Quarter Of was born.

There was still something missing though: the look and feel of the site wasn’t quite right.

And that’s when they stumbled upon the genius of Colin Whittock, a cartoonist who has helped the team to recreate the visuals from Whizzer and Chips, a hugely popular comic for children which is now sadly no longer printed and the rest is history.

So why not have a read of their infographic and see how many of your favourite sweets from your childhood are listed. And remember, if you still have a bit of a sweet tooth you can still buy your favourites by the bag from A Quarter Of.

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