The Latest Must Have Accessory When Flying – And This One Could Save Your Life

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flightRecent publicity about ‘fume events’ on commercial air flights is again raising the issues of these potentially fatal inflight incidents.

A new film is being released today that casts doubt on the safety of commercial aircraft, a subject that Norwich based Aerotoxic Association has been lobbying since 2007.

‘A Dark Reflection’ is a movie about inflight safety breaches on commercial flight that have caused serious injury and even death among passengers and aircrew alike and which airlines and air regulators around the world appear to be ignoring or trying to cover up. Based on true events, the film tells the story of a chilling conspiracy at the heart of the aviation industry.

The film is being released on Flix Premiere in the UK today and released in the US and Canada by Monarch Entertainment on 13 December under the title of ‘Flight 313: The Conspiracy’.

Flight 313: The Conspiracy” is a fact-based fiction film inspired by Director/Producer Tristan Loraine’s own experience as an airline captain.

He said: “People deserve to know the truth about the air they breathe on aircraft. Thanks to our distribution, audiences will be able to fly better informed after watching this film. I hope it only takes a good movie, and not another serious incident or crash for the industry to finally admit there is a problem that needs solving.”

To watch the film in the UK or pre order the DVD please visit the Aerotoxic Association website:

Fume events are being reported on a near daily basis and if you are unfortunate enough to be on an aircraft during one of these events the consequences can be devastating (even fatal).

At the moment the only thing filtering the poisonous organophosphates out of the air during a fume event are peoples’ lungs.

The cabin air in most pressurised airliners comes partly from re-circulated air and partly air from unfiltered ‘bleed air. This ‘bleed air’ comes directly from the aircraft’s engines and is proven to contain low concentrations of TCPs, an organophosphate.

Just to set the scene and demonstrate the potential scale of the problem the only plane that uses a different cabin air system and is safe to fly is the Boeing 787.

There are about 19,000 airliners in operation of which just over 280 are 787s. That means only about 1.5% of all planes in operation are safe to fly. About 5% of travellers, pilots, and cabin crew respond badly to TCPs. So out of 8.8 million daily passengers about 440,000 develop problems of some sort.

Aircrew have limited protection from poisonous air, but passengers have nothing. The drop down oxygen system is NOT available to passengers for smoke, only for situations when the cabin pressure decompresses.

Over the past 8 years the Aerotoxic Association* has sold over 1,000 activated charcoal face masks to passengers and crew from all over the world in an effort to help protect them from poisonous gas in jet airliners, which continue to fly without any form of poison air detection systems being fitted.

Our new online shop is now open at: and If you plan to fly anywhere in the coming weeks or months, you owe it to yourself and your family to make sure you take all the precautions you can.

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