The gorilla that walks like a man

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This giant silverback gorilla has become an internet sensation after its zoo posted footage of the primate walking like a human.

The gorilla that walks like a man

Ambam the Western Lowland gorilla at Port Lympne Animal Park was filmed swaggering around like the main man by Johanna Watson whilst she was working on a project at the Kent zoo.

The amazing footage shows the 21-year-old bachelor animal seamlessly waddling across a field at the English zoo on his back feet – like a 34 stone muscleman.

Since it was uploaded to Youtube last week, 200,000 people have watched the bizarre 18 second clip.

It prompted many to question whether this was a publicity hoax by the zoo, but this was refuted and they’ve just uploaded a second clip of Ambam in action.

The gorilla that walks like a man

Most gorillas choose to walk around in a ‘knuckle dragging’ crouched over style, but after years of practice Ambam – who is the zoo’s largest gorilla – has perfected the motion.

The gorilla is the largest of the primates with Africa their natural habitat. In captivity the magnificent beasts can live into their forties and weigh up to 650lbs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know that gorillas can bipedal for a short while. I hope someone has not
    force trained him to do this for long periods because it could cause damage
    to his spine. Hope you have taken that into consideration, so that there will be
    no harm come to this handsome silverback. I hope it wasn’t a cruel method to
    make some money… people will follow this up as the years go by to see that
    he has no back or hip problems later on. Be good to these animals and all

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