The dog who thinks he’s a human: Rupert the Whippet has been enjoying the hot British summer – while sunbathing, gardening and snorkeling with fish

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Rupert the whippet dressing up for the recent hot weather ( Janet Burton / SWNS)

Rupert the whippet dressing up for the recent hot weather ( Janet Burton / SWNS)

Meet the dog who thinks he’s a human and has been making the most of the recent hot weather – by picnicking and sunbathing.

Rupert the four-year-old whippet loves dressing up and posing for the camera in all sorts of different scenarios.

Owner Janet Burton, 58, captures the hilarious moments on her iPad all in the space of a minute as Rupert is such a pro now he just knows how to pose.


The most recent range of snaps show Rupert donning swimming shorts and sunglasses, as well as playing Twister with friends and doing some gardening.

Janet said what takes the most amount of time is setting up the scene, as Rupert now knows as soon as the iPad comes out that a treat is heading his way.

Janet of Oaken, Staffordshire, said: “What takes the time is setting up the scene and carrying everything into the garden.

“As soon as Rupert sees me making a scene he gets really interested and starts jumping around into the middle of it and strikes a pose.

“He knows there’s going to be a treat as I always have one in my hand so we just make it into a fun scene.

“It is Rupert’s expression that makes it so magical. All I do it show him something to look at and then I make a noise so his head pops up and then I snap away.”

( Janet Burton / SWNS)

( Janet Burton / SWNS)

The mother-of-two heads to charity shops to get little outfits for Rupert to wear, which causes no concern for him as whippets are used to wearing jackets in the winter.

Previously Rupert has appeared as a doctor and a choir boy and Janet first noticed his talent after he rested his front legs on the lawnmower when he was 10-months-old.

Rupert has been starring in the snaps ever since and his adopted five-month-old sister Lottie has also recently got involved in the action.

Owner Janet Burton with Rupert (SWNS)

Owner Janet Burton with Rupert (SWNS)

Janet, a retired midwife, added: “When I get out the clothes he just lifts his little arms up to put them through the holes as he is used to wearing jackets.

“He doesn’t usually wear clothes though, it’s only for a bit of lighthearted fun.

“I just think up mundane scenarios and he has probably been pictured in just about everything.

“He will just pull out this little expression and a lot of people have told me how it brightens up their day seeing the pictures of him.”

( Janet Burton / SWNS)

( Janet Burton / SWNS)

Rupert can also be seen fishing, lounging in his deck chair enjoying a quiet read and posing in a mocked up swimming scene where he is wearing trunks with snorkeling gear.

The whippet, who also has adopted sisters Bessie, 14, and 11-year-old Amethyst, is also now so popular he has his own Facebook page.

His pictures have so far raised over £3,000 for dog charity Just Whippets Rescue, of which he is a patron.

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