The best family activities for summer 2015 in Britain

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The school holidays might seem like the best thing ever for the kids, but for us parents it’s something of a nightmare; especially when they start saying those three words…”I’m so bored.”

At this point, it’s apparently our duty to entertain them in some way or another, yet cleaning their bedrooms and shopping for the food that THEY eat isn’t on their list of things to do… strange that.

Over the years you might have tried several different ways of entertaining them from summer camps to packing them off to a friend’s house for the day or night just to give them a change of scenery and someone else to play with.

Visiting the beach is an ideal summer activity in Britain

Visiting the beach is an ideal summer activity in Britain

However, you might be struggling for inspiration for this summer. If you are, then you’re not the only one as we all start to scratch our heads for ideas, especially when the weather doesn’t play ball. It’s a typically British problem that you come up with a plan, only to have it scuppered by the weather and you’re stuck indoors again.

To help you out, here are five ideas to get everybody doing things to stay entertained for a few hours at least:


This is one of the most popular attractions in the whole of the UK and has something to keep the whole family entertained.

Contrary to common belief it’s not just for the young children who like playing with Lego, you can still enjoy it as a parents, walking around the attraction feeling like a giant and maybe even getting some inspiration so that you can create something really cool with your kids the next time they get the blocks out.

Football Museum

One for the football lovers. Located in Manchester city centre, this amazing building is filled with all kinds of history from items used in England’s famous 1966 World Cup triumph to memorabilia and replicas from modern day players.

You never know, you might even bump into the odd player or two on a day off from training. Many ex-players even attend the museum to give presentations and talks and it’s free to get in, you just need to pay a donation towards the upkeep of the building and the attractions.


Of course, how could you not have a trip to the beach somewhere in the summer holidays? A day on the coast is great for relaxing in the sunshine, having a paddle, going on a few rides and grabbing a bag of chips (they seem to taste better at the seaside don’t they?)

Great British Bingo recently did an online survey of around 400 people trying to find out what the best beach in the UK was, and the overwhelming winner was Blackpool with almost 17% of the voting. It finished just ahead of the likes of Brighton, Bournemouth, Scarborough and Newquay.

London Bus Tour

The traditional open-topped bus ride around the capital is something that everyone will love. It’s a different way to see the city and has a sly way of sneaking in some education for the kids too!

With the chance to see the top locations in the city like Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, you don’t even need to drive around yourself or negotiate the Underground! Just sit back, listen to the tour guide and take as many pictures as you like.


Finally, museums are something this great country of ours is famous for. We have locations like the Imperial War Museum and the Natural History Museum that are a great way of educating the kids while even learning a few things ourselves.

With everything from planes and weapons used in the various wars to dinosaurs and cars, you’re sure to find a museum that you’ll all love. Just like the National Football Museum, the majority are free to get into but may require a donation.

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