The Banksy effect! Artist’s hometown now covered in hundreds of colourful copycat murals

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These pictures show how the home town of the world’s most notorious graffiti artist is now awash with colourful guerilla art – dubbed the ‘Banksy effect’ by experts.

The streets of Bristol are filled with street art after younger generations have been inspired by the elusive artist.

Banksy’s success has also led to a relaxation in allowing youngsters to spray paint the streets, with numerous events held especially.

How it all started: Banky's original Mild Mild West artwork can be seen in Stokes Croft, Bristol

How it all started: Banky’s original Mild Mild West artwork can be seen in Stokes Croft, Bristol

Bristol’s assistant Mayor for the Arts, Councillor Simon Cook, said: “There’s no doubt that Banksy has had an enormous impact on both the art scene and day-to-day life in Bristol. You get a real sense of that just by walking around the city, which has long been a world leader in the creative industries.

“Banksy’s reputation on both the national and international stage not only puts Bristol firmly on the map, but also serves as an inspiration to our young people, a reminder that there is no limit to what they can achieve. There are some wonderful examples of street art across the city and while we do not condone mindless graffiti and tagging, we are eager to encourage responsible street art wherever possible.

“In the past, this has included projects such as See No Evil on the city centre’s Nelson Street – a project which saw international graffiti artists come together to transform the area into one of Europe’s biggest pieces of street art.” Here is a selection of some of the best of the Bansky effect pieces… SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_10 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_12 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_13 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_15 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_16 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_17 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_18 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_19 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_20 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_21 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_23 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_25 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_26 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_27 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_29 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_30 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_31 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_32 SWNS_BANKSY_EFFECT_33

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