The 5 must-have Halloween costumes for 2014

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With Halloween rapidly approaching, you might be wondering what to wear on the scariest night of the year. If you fancy something a little edgier than wicked witch dresses or cheeky little devil outfits, however, check out these 5 must-have costumes that are nothing but spooktacular.

The Clown Morphsuit

Want to send anyone who crosses your path running for the hills? Then check out this all-in-one clown suit from Morph Costumes. Covered in psychedelic prints and horrifying faces it’s literally your worst nightmare in costume form – pretty cool for Halloween, huh? Seriously, the only circus that would hire this guy is one that hates children, so don’t look in the mirror or you might give yourself the creeps.

The clown morph suit is ideal for Halloween

The clown morph suit is ideal for Halloween

Beating Heart Zombie Morphsuit

As the owls hoot and black cats prowl the alleyways, why not slip into a Beating Heart Zombie Morphsuit and scare your friends, relatives and neighbours to death? If the hollowed out eyes and epic blood splatter aren’t enough to make your knees knock, simply download the Morphsuits app, place your smartphone in the costume’s pouch and watch the suit come alive with special effects such as a beating heart, wriggling maggots and tarantula activity.

The Facelift Morphsuit

Book the wrong surgeon and you could experience one of the plastic surgery disasters that blight so many lives. A wrong cut here or a misplaced stitch there could spell disaster, but what happens when 100 eyes and 100 faces are all mashed together to produce a creation like no other? Well, the result is the horrifying Facelift Morphsuit. You might need to go under the knife to pick your jaw of the floor when you see it.

Orange is the New Black costumes

Hit American drama-comedy series Orange is the New Black proved extremely popular this year, so if you’ve done the crime, you’ve got to do the time… in a bright orange jumpsuit. You’ll find plenty of inspiration online about how to transform into each one of the characters, but all you really need is a white t-shirt and an orange jumpsuit. Attach an ID card with your prison number on it to your chest pocket and you’ll be good to go.

Bates Motel costumes

Dubbed a modern day prequel to the hit movie Psycho, Bates Motel has had a string of excellent reviews and if you’ve watched the series you’ll know it’s incredibly creepy making it great inspiration for Halloween themed costumes. For Norman, the disturbed young boy obsessed with his mother, simply team together a pair of sand-coloured chords with a knitted jumper and shirt.

Carry around a toy dog which looks like it has fallen victim to taxidermy and you’ll be good to go. For crazed hotel owner and killer, Norma Bates, think pretty floral dresses, pastel coloured cardigans, posh hair, bright lipstick and plenty of blood splatter. Halloween’s the perfect time to experiment with costumes, so get creative and give these five a go.

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