The 10 most luxurious celebrity homes

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We all work hard for the things that we need in our lives – a luxury car, a nice gadget, a holiday cruise, and your very own home. Though it may take some time to get what you want, it is not impossible if you have the determination. Make these luxurious celebrity homes your inspiration and soon, you will be living in your very own dream home.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will Smith has been working in the television and movie industry for quite some time, so his home in Calabasas, California worth $20 million shouldn’t be a problem to maintain. The 25,000 square foot compound is complete with a golf course, basketball courts, a swimming pool and other luxurious amenities. The compound was so huge that it has its own zip code.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Unlike other Hollywood couples, Brad and Angelina decided to make the South of France their home instead of the Hollywood Hills. In 2007, they purchased a 17th century vineyard with sprawling gardens and a moat. Their property has 35 rooms, a chapel, and an olive grove.

Hugh Hefner

Known for hosting some of the most extravagant parties, Hugh Hefner’s playboy mansion boasts of a game room, a wine cellar, a waterfall in the pool, a bathhouse, and a grotto. The mansion has been featured in many television shows and movies. Parties are sure to be fun in his home worth $54 million.

Hugh Hefner's iconic Playboy Mansion

Hugh Hefner’s iconic Playboy Mansion

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey, the “Queen of Talk,” put her hard earned money in several businesses and investments including her $85 million home in 42 acres of land located in Montecito, California. Her mansion has 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, and a cinema where she could entertain guests.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld purchased his home in East Hampton in 2005 for $32 million. They have a large sunroom for entertaining guests, a swimming pool, and a backyard where he can do tons of activities with his wife and children.

Hugh Jackman

Jackman purchased his West Village triplex in 2008 for $21 million. The 11,000-square-foot condominium has three levels and is said to be the biggest unit on the entire building. It boasts of amenities such as a wine cellar, a library, a sauna, a gym, a professional kitchen and five bedrooms.

Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy

One-half of the Olsen twins purchased a swanky townhouse in Turtle Bay worth $13.5 million with her fiancé Olivier Sarkozy. The 8,000-square-foot townhouse has its own courtyard with a fountain, a private garage, an elevator, a ballroom, and an artist’s studio.

Tiger Woods

The golf superstar purchased a $60 million mansion in Florida with sprawling gardens, a running track, and a swimming pool. Of course, his home wouldn’t be complete without his very own golf course. It also doesn’t hurt to have views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Donald Trump

The Trump’s home in Palm Beach has 62-square-feet and he bought it for a whopping $125 million. The huge home features 7 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a fitness studio, a wine cellar, his own home theater, a library, and a swimming pool that has a length of 100 feet.

Ellen De Generes

The talk show host purchased a Malibu property for $12 million. It has fourth bedrooms and four bathrooms, an eco-friendly interior with bamboo floors, a swimming pool, and a tennis court. She also has access to her own private cove. Not only that, her home was formerly owned by Brad Pitt.

These are 10 of the most luxurious celebrity homes. You might not need these huge homes for yourself or your family, but if you want to live in luxury, you can look at luxury apartments in North Jersey and live like a celebrity too.

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