Tetraplegic dog who could only wag her tail is back running around following stunning recovery

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A tetraplegic dog which could only wag its tail after contracting a rare autoimmune condition is running again after making a miraculous recovery.

Poppy the five-year-old chocolate labrador was full of boundless energy until she was struck down earlier this year and lost the use of her limbs.

Despite this, she would still wag her tail enthusiastically and her owners embarked on a course of hydrotherapy and physiotherapy at a canine spa.

And nine months later, Poppy is running around, jumping on her hind legs and playing with her sister Bramble.

Poppy before hydrotherapy

Poppy before hydrotherapy

The devastating condition, known as polyradiculoneuritis, causes paralysis by inflammation of the nerves and nerve roots.

Poppy visited Cotswolds Dog Spa three times a week where staff would flex and extend her joints before tickling, squeezing, plucking and stroking the paws.

This helped enhance her proprioceptive input and feed the sensory neural pathways.

Poppy during hydrotherapy at Cotswolds Dog Spa

Poppy during hydrotherapy at Cotswolds Dog Spa

At end of February, just after three weeks into treatment, Poppy started trying to kick and cycle her hind limbs in the water.

For the next two months the labrador would continue to visit the Hartpury animal spa where she stunned staff with her progress.

Poppy runs around after making an amazing recovery from a rare autoimmune condition

Poppy runs around after making an amazing recovery from a rare autoimmune condition

By May, Poppy was able to stand on all four legs and later that month she was introduced to the underwater treadmill which she was soon walking on.

Poppy is now able to climb the stairs at her home, run freely and jump on her hind legs.

Zoe Miles, from Cotswolds Dog Spa, said: ‘Working as a canine hydrotherapist is a very rewarding job, made more so with rare cases like Poppy that need intensive rehabilitation.

“Seeing her progression and knowing that your input has helped a dog be able to walk and play again is an amazing feeling, and working with such dedicated owners makes our job even more of a pleasure.”

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