TerriBULL Mess : Runaway bull takes over family home after opening the garage door with a HEADBUTT

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A family home was taken over by an escaped BULL who went on the rampage – after it opened the door with a HEADBUTT.

A family home was taken over by an escaped BULL who went on the rampage - after it opened the door with a HEADBUTT (Ross Parry / SWNS)

A family home was taken over by an escaped BULL who went on the rampage – after it opened the door with a HEADBUTT (Ross Parry / SWNS)

The bolshy bovine was seen wandering the street before it managed to open the garage door and enter the property.

Homeowner Simon Tattersall, 59, found the young bullock wandering around his property and was even more alarmed when it tried to escape and got stuck on their railings.

The father-of-six has been left hundreds of pounds out of pocket after the intruder left his car and garage needing to be repaired and cleaned.

Simon said seeing the young bullock distressed and in pain while trapped on the railings on Monday evening was no laughing matter at the time, as the animal was injured.

RPY_BULL_02He said: “My wife came running in saying ‘there’s a cow in the garden’. And sure enough, there it was, a bullock. It was so weird.

“Though this has happened before, a few years ago. There’s a farmer with a field near and someone must have left the gate open.

“It’s wandered out and found it’s way here. It was just walking around the garden.

“Suddenly it opened the garage door, it must have headbutted it, and he’s gone wandering in and left his mess everywhere.

“It’s made a heck of a mess of the car too.

“It tried to jump over the gate but became impaled, stuck on the spikes with its legs either side, so it was panicking and kicking the car.

“He was starting to get quite distressed by then but it seemed there was nothing anyone could do, it was a big animal, four or five feet tall.

“It was terrified and kicking seven bells out of the car.

“Someone called for the police but we needed a vet or a farmer, someone to calm it down. “Then a man appeared, he was brave, or maybe stupid.

“He used a knife and cut the bull from the spikes. It sounds cruel, and we all had to look away, but it was the only way to cut it free. “

The owner of the bullock, a farmer, later apologised to the Tattersall family and the father is now looking into costs for repairing the damage to his wife’s Ford Fiesta.

The family are no strangers to unusual goings on though.


Simon, a Blackpool Transport worker, added: “We had a peacock on our roof for three or four days a few years back too. I t just wouldn’t come down.

“Some weird things have happened here.

“My son says we have more drama than Coronation Street.”

And in July 2014 Simon’s son William made the headlines after trapping his arm on a door handle in a freak accident.

The teen had been running along a corridor at home when he caught his arm on the handle, and it sliced into his skin, leaving him impaled on the fitting.

Firefighters were called to assist, having to remove the door and then the handle before William was taken to Blackpool Victoria Hospital where shocked medics carefully removed the piece of metal.

Amazingly the handle landed just millimetres away from a major artery, causing no lasting damage.

His father said: “It’s hard to compare the two being impaled, the handle went straight into William’s arm while the cow was just stuck on the spike.”

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