Ten year old Hamad Al Humaidhan hailed the ‘young Picasso’ as his artwork sells for £2000 a piece

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A ten-year-old boy hailed the ‘Young Picasso’ is selling his remarkable artwork for nearly £2,000 a piece.

Hamad Al Humaidhan has been compared to the Cubist master because of his bold style, thick black lines and vibrant colours.

His work is currently on display at The Gallery in Liverpool, where he is the current artist of the month.

Last year six of his canvases sold on the UK Fine Arts agency website for £650. Since then demand has soared and they now fetch £1,750.

He first started painting after his family moved from Kuwait to Bath, Somerset, three years ago.

Hamad saw his father Walid, an amateur artist, carrying a blank canvas under his arm and asked to borrow it.

Describing his technique, he said: ”I close my eyes and see the idea of what I want to paint and then I transfer it to the canvas.

”I paint in black lines and then I colour them in.”

Hamad’s agent Steve Turner said: ”When I saw his work I was amazed at how complicated it was and that the shades and hues were so incredible.

”For me it’s exciting to find someone so young who is already showing so much potential. It will be fascinating to see how his style develops over the years.”

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