Ten top tips for washing your car

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Britain’s most expensive car washer Gurcharn Sahota, who charges up to £7,200 for his service, gives you his top ten tips for keeping your car clean.

-Start with a jet wash to remove most of the dirt
-Use two buckets with grit guards at the bottom so they don’t pick up dirt
-Add warm water mixed a pH neutral shampoo in one and plain water in the other
-Use a lambswool wash mitt which only costs £8 and is better than a sponge
-Always wash from the top down
-Use different cloths on the bodywork and wheels
-Avoid acidic and high-alkaline wheel cleaners and any silicone-based products because they stain
-Use a towel instead of a chamois leather to dry the car
-Always check the cleaning materials regularly to make sure there’s no dirt in them
-Take your time and enjoy washing the car

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