Ten per cent of men cheat on pregnant partners

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One in ten men have bedded another woman while their partner was pregnant, a study found today.

Researchers who polled 1,000 men found most who cheated did so because of a lack of sex.

Others said they felt ‘left out’, while one in five said they found their partner less attractive when they were expecting.

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The survey was carried out after it emerged Manchester United and England star Wayne Rooney slept with two prostitutes while wife Coleen was expecting their son Kai.

Relationship expert Jenni Trent Hughes said: ”If you’re a man you may suddenly feel useless, about to be made redundant in the relationship and scared of losing your Jack-the-lad status.

”Needless to say harbouring these sorts of feelings can be dangerous to a relationship and in many instances devastating.

”For men it is tricky. Especially if the ‘man’ in question is really a boy. Many men fear they are going to lose their ‘Babe’ to the arms of ‘The Baby’.

”They got together with one of the girls from The Saturdays and overnight they’re going to wake up next to a creature in a housecoat and slippers with baby vomit down her front.

”Things change. They have to change. However how they change is something the both of you will have to determine together.

”In truth you can have some discussion about it before hand but the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

The poll, carried out by OnePoll, also found 65 per cent of those who cheated did so due to a lack of sex.

One in three said they felt ‘deprived’ and nine per cent admitted thinking about using a prostitute.

A quarter blamed ‘feeling left out’ while 22 per cent confessed they found their partner less attractive while she was pregnant.

More than a quarter of men thought that using a prostitute was better than having a fully-fledged affair whereas 51 per cent of women thought it was worse.

Nearly six out of ten men said they found their partner moody and poorly and 28 per cent said they found themselves checking out other women who weren’t pregnant.

Forty two per cent of men said they felt uncomfortable having sex with their partner’s while they were pregnant.

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