One in ten people admit they would pose NUDE to earn extra cash

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One in ten people admit they would pose nude for extra cash

One in ten people admit they would pose nude for extra cash (file picture by ChepeNicoli)

One in ten Brits would pose nude to earn extra cash, a study revealed today.

Researchers found three quarters of us have considered unorthodox ways of earning extra cash as the economic downturn continues to bite.

Four out of ten have sold family heirlooms or rented out spare rooms while others have resorted to car boot sales to raise funds.

One in ten have taken up bar work, two-thirds have flogged items on eBay and one in 20 offer babysitting services.

The poll was carried out by the website, which allows homeowners to rent out their house.

Yesterday a spokesman for, said: ”It seems that plenty of people are looking for ways to raise a bit of additional income”

”Although we are technically out of the recession, it would seem people are still feeling the pinch.

”Whilst we are all familiar with internet auction sites and car boot sales to raise cash, these findings would suggest that there are more creative ways to raise extra income.

”There is a difference between getting a second job or auctioning off a few unwanted items compared to selling a treasured family heirloom or posing nude.

”Nobody should be forced in to doing something they are uncomfortable with.  They are more conventional ways to raise cash.”

A brutally honest 12 per cent of the 2,000 adults polled said they regularly get sucked into the latest hair-brained money making scheme.

It also emerged from the study that one in ten people have a second job in addition to their main career and on average this brings in a healthy #6,347 extra per year.

The poll found nearly half of Brits are considering taking on another job to earn money.

Forty-one per cent said they would do this to ‘keep their heads above water’ as opposed to leading a lavish lifestyle.

One in four of those who have a second job said they prefer to keep it secret from their friends.

Of those a quarter said they like to give the impression they are better off than they are but one in ten said they don’t want people to know they are ‘hard-up’.

Nearly half of all adults said they were under pressure to earn more money in order to keep up with the Jones’.

And a quarter of people said they would be up for anything to earn a bit of extra cash.

One in twenty would like to rent their homes to a production company for filming purposes and five per cent would charge friends for the use of their car or offer to walk strangers dogs.

One in ten of those polled have three different sources of income and 31 per cent said they use their extra cash for little extras like petrol and meals out.

A spokesman for HouseTrip added: ”Your home is a huge asset and many people could make money from renting theirs out without any outlay”

”As we saw during the Olympic period, renting out your home is profitable, safe and easy-to-do.”


1.      Bar work
2.      Waitressing
3.      Supermarket work
4.      Tutoring
5.      Cleaning
6.      Paper / leaflet delivery
7.      Odd job person
8.      Delivery man
9.      Receptionist
10.     Bouncer

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