Teenager waives anonymity to tell how her father raped her

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A brave teenage girl has told how she snared her evil father – after he raped her during a weekend visit.

Robert Hawksworth, 54, plied his daughter Emily, now 18, with wine before putting her to bed where he subjected her to a sickening sexual attack.

Emily – whose parents had split up when she was aged seven – had gone to stay with her father for a weekend visit when he pounced on her.

Emily Hawksworth was raped by her father

Emily Hawksworth was raped by her father

Robert Hawksworth has been jailed for nine years

Robert Hawksworth has been jailed for nine years

Shockingly, Hawksworth began molesting Emily when she was just 14 but she was too frightened to speak out until the rape in June last year.

On Wednesday Hawksworth, who denied rape and sexual assault, was caged for nine years after a trial at Derby Crown Court.

Emily waived her right to anonymity to speak about the rape.

Emily, who was a virgin until the brutal attack, said: “He has made things very difficult for me.

“I constantly feel stressed out by the situation.

“When I woke up in the morning I felt sick and I felt like something had happened. I felt violated.

“I stayed in bed all day and on the Sunday he kept asking me to go to town with him and make me take the Pill.

“I refused to take it because I did not want to believe what had happened.

Emily waived her right to anonymity to speak about the sex attack

Emily waived her right to anonymity to speak about the sex attack

“I was blunt with him and I didn’t want the conversation to be brought up.

“When I went home on the Sunday night I wasn’t going to say anything to my mum but as soon as I walked in I burst into tears.

“She knew something had happened so I told her. She was distraught and rang the police.”

Speaking about the 2007 attack, Emily said she had not initially reported it because she felt scared.

She added: “I was young at the time. I did not know how to handle it.”

Hawksworth, from Findern, Derbyshire, was arrested but denied raping his daughter
forcing her to give evidence at his trial.

Jailing him, Judge John Burgess told Hawksworth: “She was visiting you as she regularly did for the weekend.

“During the course of that Friday evening you and she were drinking both wine and cider, alcohol you provided.

“She became very drunk and was very sick. You tended to her and she was put to bed.

“During the night you came into her room, removed her underwear and had full sex.

“She was a virgin until that happened. This was a gross breach of trust and the violation of a vulnerable girl.”

Warped Hawksworth split up with Emily’s mum in 2001 after he subjected her to an “extremely abusive” relationship, the court heard.

Emily’s mum Karen Atalay, 53, described the ordeal as “terrible and heart-breaking”.

She said: “I felt quite guilty. I felt it was my fault.

“My marriage to him [Robert] was extremely abusive but I was too frightened to tell anybody anything.

“I’m relieved that at last we have some justice.

“We have all found it very hard to lead a normal life.

“I think we have got through the worst but we are just trying to come to terms with what has happened.”

Emily, who burnt all photographs and gifts given to her by Hawksworth, is having her surname changed by deed poll in a bid to wipe away any trace of her evil father.

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