Teenager stabbed to death in Notting Hill just yards from shop featured in Hugh Grant film after being chased by gang of youths on bikes

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A 16 year old boy died just yards from the iconic bookshop in the film Notting Hill when he was a stabbed after being chased by a gang of youths on bikes.

Fola Orebiyi (Facebook)

Fola Orebiyi (Facebook)

The teenager collapsed and died outside shop in Portobello Road made famous by Hugh Grant in the blockbuster movie.

The youngster has been named locally as Fola Orebiyi.

It is thought a fight broke out on a nearby estate and the teen was chased down the street by youths on bikes.

One resident told of the “awful” scene at about 8.45pm on Sunday night.

The elderly woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I was watching TV when I heard an awful commotion downstairs.

“I watched out of the window and could see the reflection of a police car.

“There were loads of people including paramedics with orange vests on.

“There was a crowd of people watching.

“We could see paramedics working on him, there was blood everywhere.

“Then, suddenly, they all stepped back and we knew they didn’t step back because he’d survived.

“A young boy was murdered here. It is such a waste of a child’s life. It’s just awful.”

Paramedics worked on the boy outside La Cave a Fromage cheese shop and Delehar Antiques store, but was pronounced dead at the scene.

The woman said this part of Portobello Road has a low level of crime.

She said: “This is a low crime area, not so much as a pick pocket comes by here.”

She said she thought the boy, believed to be a student at Holland Park Sixth Form was of West African origin.

Flowers have been lain as a tribute to the boy near by the scene of the incident which has now been cleaned.

Bank manager Yousef said: “I had absolutely no clue anything happened last night.

“How sad, I cannot believe it.”

The scene where Fola Orebiyi died after an incident in Portobello Road (SWNS)

The scene where Fola Orebiyi died after an incident in Portobello Road (SWNS)

Keanu Hayden-Smith wrote on Facebook late on Sunday: “RIP Fola Orebiyi”.

Metropolitan Police have launched a murder inquiry following the death.

A spokesperson said: “Police were called at approximately 8.45pm on Sunday, 3 July, to Portobello Road, by London Ambulance Service to reports of a man being stabbed.

“Officers attended the scene and immediately implemented first aid and CPR to an injured male.

“London Ambulance Service and London Air Ambulance arrived shortly after.

“The victim – a 16-year-old boy – was pronounced dead at the scene.

“Next of kin are aware. A post mortem examination will be arranged in due course.

“Officers from the Homicide and Major Crime Command investigate.

“No arrests have been made and enquiries continue.”

Flowers at the scene (SWNS)

Flowers at the scene (SWNS)

The family of murdered 16 year old Fola Orebiyi were too upset to talk today.

Fola’s parents, Michael Orebiyi and Adeyinka Bankole, were grieving at the family home, a ten minute walk from where the youngster was stabbed to death in Notting HIll.

A woman, who said she was Adeyinka’s cousin, was standing outside the open front door of the family’s ground floor flat next to a basketball court.

She said: “It’s not the right time, they don’t want to talk.”

A young man visiting the house added: “This isn’t the time, please go.”

Meanwhile tributes have poured in for murdered teenager on social media with one friend describing Fola as “one of the sweetest souls”.

They expressed their anger at the “innocent” boy who fell victim to knife crime.

Malaika said: “One of the sweetest souls gone too soon, I’m actually speechless. Rest in peace Fola.”

Aliya said: “Fola was such a goofy and nice guy, it angers me that someone took his life while he was so young.”

A user called Chibs shared a photo of his friend in a group of boys.

He said: “RIP mum fallen soldier. My friend, my brudda, Fola you were the realist. I’ll miss you so much.”

Richarn said: “Another life taken by a knife, this time in my area. Known the guy that’s gone too, these kids need to put down the knives.”

Lily Lovell added: “Life’s crazy. What an area we live in, innocent boy killed in our doorsteps… RIP Fola.”

Candles and flowers have been laid at the scene where tragic teenager Fola Orebiyi was stabbed to death.



Written in yellow highlighter pen, friends shared fond memories of the boy.

One message read: “I remember you in primary days when you screamed on the roof terrace at school.

“I cannot believe you are gone, it’s so shocking.”

Another note, written in the same marker, said: “RIP Fola. We will miss you. I will always remember the time you kept pushing in the line.

“Also I remember you in assembly, you made me laugh.”

A resident described how he watched paramedics desperately trying to save the life of a youngster stabbed to death by a gang of teens on bicycles.

Mark Gettleson, 31, lives above the scene of the crime with his mother, said: “I had just got home from the gym when it all kicked off.

“It’s not a loud street but there’s usually a reasonable commotion but I heard a loud shout for upstairs saying ‘did anybody see anything?’

“But I didn’t notice anything until I went to the pub across the street.

“I turned around saw about five police standing over a man who had collapsed in the street.



“There were pools of blood all along the road and large blobs getting bigger and bigger towards where he was laying.

“He was a large guy, but I couldn’t see much because the police were all around him.

“I went back upstairs to watch from my window and they were doing CPR and saying all the right things.

“They were shouting at the boy saying ‘we’re still with you, we’re still with you.'”

Mark said several paramedics arrived, and the area was cordoned off and they worked on the boy for 20 minutes before he was pronounced dead.

He added that forensic police were working on the area of the crime through the night.

He said: “Forensics were here all night. They did a good job, they stayed until six this morning.

“I am completely shaken up, I’ve just seen a brutal murder on my doorstep.”

The mother of one of Fola’s childhood friends said he was a lovely boy who was never in any gang and has just finished his AS exams

(R) The shop in Portobello Road which was used as a location for the film 'Notting Hill' the shop is near where a 16 year old boy died (SWNS)

(R) The shop in Portobello Road which was used as a location for the film ‘Notting Hill’ the shop is near where a 16 year old boy died (SWNS)

The woman who asked to remain anonymous said she had known the teenager since he was in nursery.

She and a group of five women walked to where the teenager was stabbed to death in Portobello Road to pay heir respects.

She said he was a student at Holland Park School and had completed his AS levels just last month.

The woman, who lives locally, was in tears as she said: “My son and Fola were friends since they were in nursery.

“He was such a lovely boy.

“He was so intelligent and never in any gang.

“I am just so sad.”

A group of three friends came to lay flowers shortly after 1pm.

One of the teenage boys said he was too upset but explained he knew Fola from when they played football together.

He said: “I am too upset to talk.

“We played football together and knew each other from the local area.

“All his friends are distraught. We just wanted to pay tribute to him.”

Fola Orebiyi (SWNS)

Fola Orebiyi (SWNS)

A close friend rushed to where his school friend lay dying on the pavement after he initially thought his friends were playing a sick prank.

Dion Morina, 17, learnt that his pal Fola had been stabbed in Portobello Road in a text,

Dion who went to school with Fola laid flowers for his friend murdered on Sunday evening.

The Holland Park student said: “Social media was alight last night but the first I heard was from a friend who texted me asking ‘is Fola dead?’

“I thought it was a sick prank so me and my friends came down to Portobello Road.

“We saw him lying on the ground and one of his eyes was open but I knew he was dead.

“It was horrible. We don’t understand what’s happened.”

Dion said Fola had recently got a girlfriend and even showed him pictures of the girl, but didn’t know her name and had not met her.

He said: “He was a sociably guy, he loved being with his friends.

“He loved football and definitely wanted to go to university.

“He got a girlfriend a few weeks ago. He would show me pictures. I don’t know who she is though.”

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