BARKING MAD 1: Teenage girl, 17, heartbroken after her puppy is SHOT and KILLED by armed police

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A teenage girl who left her pet puppy at her cousin’s house was stunned after she discovered it had been SHOT and KILLED – by armed police.

Shannon-Marie Henery, 17, left the one-year-old pup Blaze at a family member’s house – which was later raided by a specialist response unit.

Shannon gave her cousin the dog to look after a few weeks ago when she moved into temporary accommodation which does not allow pets.

Shannon-Marie Henery with her puppy Blaze who was shot by police

Shannon-Marie Henery with her puppy Blaze who was shot by police

But on Tuesday morning, Metropolitan Police executed a warrant at an address in New Addington, near Croydon, looking for a male teen suspected burglar.

When they were unable to calm the cute white and brown puppy – they called in armed police as backup who shot him.

Stunned Shannon said: “I can’t believe the police have shot my puppy. He was a playful loving puppy. He was my world.

“The only time he showed aggression was if someone knocks at the door or he hears a loud noise and he barks because he protects his home.

“I treated him like a baby. Our bond together was mad, it really was. My puppy did get shot and for no reason.

“He backed away from the police but was still barking at them, as they shot him my cousin saw it all happen.

“This is wrong, I’m taking things further. There was no dead bodies, weapons, drugs in the house.”

Shannon-Marie said the French mastiff and pit bull terrier cross was her best friend from the day she got him, at just nine weeks old.

The tearful teen said: “I suffer badly from anxiety, and I got Blaze to help me cope. I felt safe when I took him out. He was my hero and my best friend.

“I can’t believe that he’s gone. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. I want answers, what they did has to be answered for.”

Blaze was with Shannon’s cousin because the college student is temporarily staying with a relative while she tries to find somewhere permanent.

She added: “Blaze isn’t vicious at all. If the police said he barked at them, I’m not surprised. I’m sure any dog would bark if police burst into their house.

“They can’t bring my dog back, but I need to know what happened, and why they couldn’t have just left him alone.

“Blaze was my friend and now I’ll never see him again.”

She added: “Hopefully can get his ashes and find out why this was done so he can rest in doggy heaven. There was no need for this.

“Someone needs to pay for this. How could they shoot my defenceless puppy?”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Officers attended an address in Windham Avenue, New Addington, on January 23 to carry out an arrest enquiry for a 17-year-old boy wanted in connection with aggravated burglary and robbery offences.

“Police forced entry to the address and the 17-year-old suspect was located and arrested at the scene and he currently remains in police custody at a south London police station. A dog was also present at the address, and was acting aggressively towards officers.

“A specialist police dog unit attended, but were unable to safely restrain the dog. Armed officers were subsequently called and the dog was shot and killed. We believe the dog may be pit bull-type breed.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was a pitbull. Shooting is the best thing for them.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      What an evil comment. It’s unnecessary to shoot a puppy and there is no excuse for this at all. If they were educated about animals instead of being jumped up morons with no empathy they would have known this. Unfortunately the police is full of trigger happy psychopaths. The person who did this will have no luck and hope the entity gets his karma this lifetime. The puppy not calm down because they were on his territory and behaving negatively. Police also lie to protect themselves. I would not calm down if I had a fire arm pointed at my head. RIP Blaze.

    • Againstmurderofanimals says:

      It may be the best thing for you but not for the beautiful misunderstood puppy who was murdered by gunpoint by an evil oaf for no good reason. Don’t call yourselves and expert without qualifications and understanding of what dogs really men. Weak men kill defenseless animals. Engage your brain before pulling the trigger.

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