Teen put on Sex Offenders’ Register for pinching police officer’s bottom

November 5, 2010 | by | 16 Comments

A drunk teenager who pinched a female police officer’s BOTTOM was today forced to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register.

Teen put on Sex Offenders' Register for pinching police officer's bottom

Boozy Sam Peters, 19, laughed when he grabbed the officer’s buttocks with both hands as she opened the passenger door of a patrol car.

She arrested him and took him to a police station, where he brazenly told cops: ”Girls do it to me all the time and I don’t cry about it.”

Peters admitted touching a woman in a sexual way without consent and was ordered to do 60 hours of unpaid work at Worcester Magistrates Court yesterday.

He was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register – alongside paedophiles and rapists – for five years.

The court heard Peters groped the officer, who cannot be named for legal reasons, in the Lowesmoor area of Worcester at 2.30am on September 26.

He told the court he had downed more than 10 cans of lager and shots of vodka and was ”paralytic”.

Unemployed Peters claims he thought the officer was a member of the public in fancy dress.

But Owen Beale, prosecuting, said the officer had just finished assisting colleagues who were dealing with an incident.

“Extremely offensive behaviour”

As she returned to her patrol car a group of men and women walked towards her and Peters squeezed her bottom as she opened the passenger door of her patrol car.

Mr Beale said: ”As they walked past, the defendant firmly grabbed her buttocks with both hands, squeezed hard and then laughed.

”He was arrested and interviewed by officers and he said he didn’t think he had done much wrong. He told them ‘Girls do it to me all the time and I don’t cry about it’.

”He said he had been around Worcester drinking. He said he had seen a ‘female copper’ and he said he had ‘pinched her ass’.

”He clearly considered it a laugh at the time. The officer has been left angry and offended by the incident as she was at work at the time and there were members of the public and colleagues present.”

In a statement read out to the court, the victim said: ”This male was a complete stranger to me. He did this while he walked behind me.

”I certainly didn’t expect people to behave in that manner. This was in front of members of the public and colleagues while I was at work.

”His behaviour was extremely offensive. I feel angry that somebody felt they had the right to behave in that way.”

Chairman of the bench Michael Lumley ordered Peters to pay £100 compensation to the officer and £85 costs.

”My son is totally harmless”

He said: ”The combination of your immaturity and the fact that your inhibition was completely destroyed because you were so drunk has been the root cause of this offence.

”We find it serious enough for a custodial sentence. The nature of this offence requires that you be subject to the register of the sexual offences act for five years.

”I would strongly advise you to look very closely at your alcohol intake. I am absolutely certain that this incident has focused you mind on that subject.”

Speaking after the case, Peters said: ”I’m not a paedophile or rapist and I shouldn’t be on the register with people like that.

”The police have totally over-reacted to something that was a drunken mistake. I thought that the officer was a woman dressed up on a fancy dress night out.”

Sam’s mum Debbie Peters, 45, said: ”My son is totally harmless, The police have treated him appallingly.

”I have been told by two officers that the incident was the talk of the station for the next week and that the woman officer was herself laughing and joking about it.

”They do not care that Sam has been forced to go through the courts and that the stigma of this will make it harder for him to get on in life.”

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  1. Mr. Deej says:

    This clown sounds like a real jerk.
    Sober up, get a job. Don’t be so proud to be an arse, get some self respect. That would be a good start.

  2. Tjman84 says:

    Doesn’t really matter if he is a jerk. When you dumb down the list of serious pedophiles and rapists to any drunk teenager it loses the point, wastes tax money and makes police spend hundred’s of hours checking up on someone obviously isn’t a sexual predator while someone else that is a problem goes unchecked. These wastes of time have consequences…

  3. Amber Victor says:

    OR perhaps the female cop should think how she would feel if I (a female) called 911 because someone grabbed my ass….

    Or is it that her ass is more important then the general publics asses?

  4. Neil857 says:

    This young man is NOT a sex offender simple as that lets hope he can get this brain dead decision overturned on appeal the thick plod should have had her name made public so people can keep well clear of her in future.

    • Anonymous says:

      Could well be a problem there neil..seems as if you like to touch people without their consent…ah well, ‘thick plod’ ?

      I hope you dont try to touch my rear..you would certainly get more than you bargained for…

      And he is… a SEX OFFENDER…


  5. Broly146 says:

    I think he deserves to be on that list. He made the decision to get drunk and do something stupid and now he is paying the price. This should teach him a good lesson being on that list.

    • Neil857 says:

      He is not a sex offender he is only on the list because of twisted vile laws introduced by Nu Labour and it’s war criminal leader Blair, also the female plod keeps her name secret while laughing and joking with her mates at the station with no regard at what she has done to this young lad.

  6. B Major says:

    I have viewed cctv footage of a police officer at the Leeds Bridwell police station doing this same thing.The police woman complained and it went nowhere.This same police officer takes drugs and is not allowed near the public due to his behavoiur. He is still in uniform protecting the public.Its cero tollerance in these situations,unless the police decide other wise.

  7. Rachel says:

    If the way this person behaved wasn’t enough to prosecute him (and it certainly sounds like he did behaved inappropriately enough to warrant prosecution to me), then the way he’s bleating about being called to question on his actions after the fact certainly does indicate that prosecution was the correct course of action. I doubt if he’d ever have realised for himself that groping women in public is an entirely unacceptable way to behave in a civilised society. I find it unbelieveable that he or his idiotic mother has the gall to complain about him being required to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register as a result of his *conviction for a sex offence* – that’s kind of what it’s there for: to protect ordinary people who do understand why it’s not OK to grope strangers from people that have no notion of normative behaviour and no control over their own impulses.

    • Chris says:

      Well said Rachel. His mother is idiotic and if she hadn’t condoned wrong behaviour when he was a child he wouldn’t be in the situation he is in today.

    • Neil857 says:

      Rachel are you honestly saying he committed a sex offence lets look at it like this if it was a girl who touched a mans bottom would she be placed on the sex offenders register no of course not the only reason it got to court was because it was thick plod involved.

      • ade_arthur says:

        believe you me, if this dead brain cell excuse for a kid tried that on my wife he’d wish his punishment were just the goddam list

        If you’re ok with some complete stranger making your wife’s bum his own, well, I’m not. Nor is my wife.

  8. Tallblondgenius says:

    the cop was embarrassed that’s the only reason it went this far. Is crime so low that this makes headlines? Thats where I want to live. Come by and pinch my butt anytime

  9. Bob says:

    what a waste of tax payers money like comon i bet this happens ever night somewere alcohol is served and to be added the the list what a mockery that makes of the list

  10. Spam says:

    his behaviour was idiotic and irresponsible when drunk and thereby merits arrest and punishment but the inclusion on the sexual register is risible and stupid and devalues its purpose and makes a mockery of the system

  11. Marcos says:

    I live in a country with no sex offense registry but thought that the registry was for people who rape.

    I have pinched women in the bottom a few times in clubs when I was younger, the last time being when she turned around and slapped me in the arm.

    I do not think that his intentions were of sexual origin.

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