Technology continues to change the face of business

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Techonology continues to change the way we do business (Picture /

Techonology continues to change the way we do business (Picture /

Just when we think things are working really well in the business world, some new piece of technology comes out to make us reconsider everything we’d ever previously thought.

Such is life, and such is business, and it’s actually a great thing. Anything which can make our jobs easier and our work more productive should be celebrated, not least because it can allow for much more streamlined processes.

The year 2014 is no exception, and DMC have created an impressive list of some of the pieces of tech that they think have and will really shape the year. No strangers to innovative technology themselves, theirs is a business that provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to a range of businesses, allowing for consultancy, as well as cost effective and efficient changes to be made.

Perhaps one of the most talked about and interesting aspects of modern innovation is the introduction of cloud computing. As the above article discusses, its popularity has skyrocketed, probably partially due to the fact that these days, less and less business is actually conducted from the office itself. For those unaware of the implications of such a type of practice, cloud computing allows us to use a network of remote servers hosted online in order to store, manage and process our data.

It eliminates the need to use a local server or simply a personal computer, and means that data is safely and securely available on the Internet, so that it’s more accessible and better backed up.

The fact we’re always on the move also means that it’s important to optimise our websites for mobile traffic, which, as DMC’s article mentions, can be achieved by using this guide from Distilled.

One invention which isn’t really commonplace yet – but is a lot of fun! – is the 3D printer. Yes, it may  well eliminate certain jobs, but it will create some new ones, too. This exciting piece of tech will enable us to print almost any product, made out of raw materials stored inside.

This will cut down on everything from manufacturing time to delivery time, and thus saves costs, and business productivity would almost certainly speed up. Time consuming work would be a thing of the past, and there are such a vast range of potential possibilities here! It’s really expensive technology at the moment, but who knows – perhaps next year, it’ll start to become commonplace.

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