Tech Jobs in Iowa on the Rise According to Reports

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In the current business environment, every company requires technology experts. Companies must integrate current technology in their production processes to remain competitive in the market. Integrating modern technology requires experts with relevant skills and knowledge. Every company has a different hiring strategy. Some companies look for tech experts that can create customized websites and apps. Others look for computer engineers with multiple skills and competencies. The competition for all categories of tech talent is high in Iowa.

Projected Demand for Technology Experts

Reports indicate that the demand for tech talents in Iowa is rising. This means that qualified tech experts will have more opportunities to choose from in the near future. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, the number of tech jobs in the U.S. will increase by 12% between 2014 and 2024. Computer programming jobs may decline by 8% while software development jobs will increase by the 17% in the same period. Web development jobs will increase by 27%.

The statistics are important to individuals who are considering pursuing tech careers. People who want to build a successful career in computer and information technology should consider sharpening their web and software development skills. Based on the projections, jobs in the two fields will increase with a higher rate between 2014 and 2024.

Response to the Demand for Tech Talent

Companies in Iowa are adjusting their hiring process in response to the high competition for tech talent. The pressure is even greater for startups. Established companies can attract computer engineers easily because they can afford to pay them well. Startups are hiring tech students and training them to write the code that they require. Small companies and startups are offering incentives to attract tech talent. The incentives include allowing employees to work remotely, free lunches, flexible working hours, and mentorship.

Another response to the high demand for tech talent is shorter hiring decisions. Companies in Iowa can no longer wait for months before hiring because of the high competition from Silicon Valley. Employers must strive to take care of their employees and help them achieve a work-life balance to retain their best talents.

Hiring Companies

Tech experts can find jobs in small and large organizations in Iowa. All industries now require tech talent to build their online presence. A digital marketing company such as Single Grain requires tech talent to serve its clients. Qualified tech employees will also find jobs at Cognizant Technology Solutions. The company projects to hire more 1,000 employees in Des Moines. Cognizant is one of the largest and fastest growing tech companies in the US.

Tech experts in Iowa will soon have thousands of new job opportunities to explore in the near future. The projected increase in tech jobs is good news for individuals pursuing careers in information technology. Based on the projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the best areas of specialization are web and software development. The increase in demand for tech talent may lead to higher salaries and better working conditions. Employers must adjust their hiring process and compensation packages to attract the best tech talents in Iowa.

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