Teacher sent home on her first day for having tattoos posed NUDE when she was 18

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The teaching assistant sent home on her first day for having too many tattoos is facing fresh controversy after NUDE pictures emerged.

Charlotte Tumilty, 26, was turned her away from her trainee role at a ‘strict Catholic’ school when staff took exception to her body art.

The mum-of-two has inkings on her feet, hands and neck and was told they were ”inappropriate”.

Mum of two Charlotte Tumilty was sent home from her new job as a teacher at a Catholic school because she had too many tattoos on show

Mum of two Charlotte Tumilty was sent home from her new job as a teacher at a Catholic school because she had too many tattoos on show

Despite passing an earlier interview, within a hour of starting the position she was told to go home and come back with plasters and bandages covering them up.

But her future has now been thrown into doubt after erotic photos, some completely nude, appeared on a number of websites.

Charlotte admitted posing for some “old” pictures when she was aged just 18, but has refused to comment further.

Appearing under the name of Charlie Horizon the photos show her in compromising and revealing positions.

On one of the sites, Charlotte says she is 23, and writes: “I’m my own person in my own world I lead my own unique style and I dont follow anyone elses fashion trend.

“I have numerous tattoos I am a walking sketch book full of art.

“I create and design my own clothes.

“I wanna show that a modifide (sic) body can be beautiful.”

Charlotte is currently on a level two teacher training course at Hartlepool College of Further Education.

She was due to undertake the teaching assistant placement at St John Vianneys Primary School in the city twice a week for a year.

But after being turned away on her first day on Monday her dreams could be now shattered as she says there are no other school placements available.

She said: “They showed me to the class I was working in.

“But a woman asked to speak to me in the office and said ‘what we need to discuss is you can still see a bit of your neck tattoo peaking out of your top?’

“I suggested wearing a higher-necked top. The woman said ‘that’s not the point, it’s a strictly Catholic school and tattoos are forbidden’.

“She said they do have teachers with tattoos, but they cover them up. ‘I said ‘yes, I have covered mine up’, but the woman said ‘to be honest, I don’t think it’s appropriate’.

“She then suggested I might be able to uses plasters and bandages to cover them up. I’d look ridiculous.”

Charlotte has full ‘sleeves’ of tattoos on her arms and legs, small ones on her ?ngers, a hands, back and chest and an eye emblem on her neck.

She said when she went for an interview at the school to secure her placement staff could see her tattoos – but she did promise to take her piercings out.

School bosses insisted that Charlotte was not told she could not work in the school, but was asked to consider covering up her tattoos and return to her placement later this week.

Deputy headteacher Martin Boagey said: “The school expects all members of staff to project a professional image and we have a code of conduct, part of which requires members of staff with tattoos to cover them up.

“We do have members of staff with tattoos, and they are happy to abide by the code of conduct.”

Charlotte had said she had been invited back to the school, but did not hold out much hope of it working as some of her tattoos were still visible.

The school refused to comment on the photographs and said they stood by their original statement and did not wish to be drawn into anything further on Miss Tumilty’s actions.

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