Teacher chased schoolboys across village green in his Land Rover and slashed their bike tyres with a KNIFE

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Psycho teacher Adam Walker, who chased schoolboys in his Land Rover and slashed their bike tyres with a knife

Psycho teacher Adam Walker, who chased schoolboys in his Land Rover and slashed their bike tyres with a knife

A teacher and BNP activist faces being banned from the classroom after he chased a group of schoolboys across a village green in his Land Rover and slashed their bike tyres with a KNIFE.

Adam Walker, 44, flipped when he saw the lads jumping on a bouncy castle at the Green Tree pub in the village of Tudhoe, County Durham on St George’s Day in 2011.

He chased the terrified youngsters, aged 10, 11 and 12 in his 4×4 – narrowly missing them by a matter of inches.

When two of the youngsters escaped into a friend’s house, Walker got out of his car and used a sheath knife to slash their tyres.

Walker admitted six criminal offences including having a bladed article in public and using threatening words or behaviour and was given at suspended prison sentence at Durham Crown Court last September.

On Wednesday the Teaching Agency professional conduct hearing in Coventry found Walker guilty of a ‘relevant offence’ and warned him he faced being struck off.

Chair of the panel Geoffrey Penzer said: “We have found the facts of each allegation proven by the certificate of conviction from Durham Crown Court.

“We are satisfied that each allegation was for a relevant offence.

“Taken together these would be likely to have an impact on the safety of children and on public confidence in the teacher.”

Walker, from Spennymoor, County Durham, admitted his actions was a ‘relevant offence’ to teaching.

Presenting officer Katherine Tyler said: “The facts are that on Saturday April 23, 2011 there was a St George’s Day parade and among those attending was Adam Walker who was the staff manager for the BNP and a registered teacher.

BNP activist Walker, right,  with the party's leader Nick Griffin, left, at a rally in 2010

BNP activist Walker, right, with the party’s leader Nick Griffin, left, at a rally in 2010

“On that day playing near the pub were three boys aged 10, 11 and 12 who had been playing together on their bicycles.

“They started playing on the pub car park but were asked to leave. The boys sat on the wall of the car park near where Mr Walker was removing bunting he had on his car.

“He was using a sheath-type knife. The boys directed some kind of verbal abuse towards Mr Walker and jumped on their bikes and rode away.

“He followed them in his black Land Rover Discovery. The boys cycled away and went on the grass of the village green and then close to cars so they would not get run over.

“One witness was very concerned the driver would have found it hard to stop in time if one of the boys fell off their bike.

“The boys split up and one was still being followed only a few yards behind by the car which had driven across the width of the village green.

“Two of the boys went to a neighbour’s house and one turned around when they heard a popping sound.

“He saw the man who had chased them slashing their tyres. He saw the man approach the third boy and he then turned to this boy and yelled and swore still holding the knife in his hand.

“This little boy was very scared. He explained he had never been so frightened in his life.

“One of the other boys said he was crying through the whole incident.

“It’s clear that these offences were serious.

“They involved violence and use of a weapon. They involved chasing, frightening endangering young children.

“We say that the behaviour which led to this conviction is clearly contradictory to the standards set by the Secretary of State.”

In May 2010, Walker was cleared of racial and religious intolerance by a teaching conduct committee.

He admitted posting comments on a school laptop at Houghton Kepier Sports College, near Sunderland, in February 2007, where he described immigrants as ‘savages’ and ‘filth’.

Writing on Teessideonline, he said: “Our country is fast becoming a dumping ground for the filth of the Third World…if we do not wake up and get a grip soon then the country we have fought and died for and cherish so much will itself be turned into a Third Word cess pit.

“We have enough on our plates sorting out our home grown scum bags and scroungers without allowing filth from other countries to come here and destroy us.”

But he was cleared of expressing racial or religiously intolerant views by the General Teaching Council for England (GTC) who said they “did not find that the postings themselves were suggestive of intolerance.”

In November 2008, a large crowd of supporters, including BNP chairman Nick Griffin, gathered to voice their anger at one of Walker’s earlier hearings – which they branded ‘farcical’.

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