Suspected rapist fled through open door at police station as cops took his mugshot

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Craig Goldstone was posing for his mugshot at a police station when he ran through an open door and escaped

Craig Goldstone was posing for his mugshot at a police station when he ran through an open door and escaped

A suspected rapist posing for his mugshot at a police station ran through an open door and escaped  – leaving officers with just his picture, a court heard.

Craig Goldstone, 28, had been arrested on suspicion of dragging a drunken schoolgirl into bushes and attacking her.

He was taken into custody where he was placed in front of a camera for his official booking photo.

But seconds after the snap was taken he bolted out an open door and fled the police station – leaving cops with just his photo.

Goldstone was on the run from Plymouth’s Charles Cross police station for several hours before he was found, a court heard.

Details of the escape on July 5 have emerged at Plymouth Crown Court where Goldstone denies rape.

Prosecutor Lee Bremridge said: ”What happened next was extraordinary. As he was waiting at the police station for his photograph to be taken, he bolted.

“He ran off from the police station through an open door and ran into the centre of Plymouth. A police manhunt was started and in fact he was found later that night.”

The court head Goldstone was out walking his dog in a park when he noticed the alleged victim drinking with a friend.

Goldstone waited for the pal to leave before pouncing on the girl, who had downed so much cider she was sick and could not stand, it was said.

Mr Bremridge said: “The defendant dragged her to some bushes near where they were sat and raped her.”

Goldstone was arrested at a local hostel a day after the alleged attack and DNA found on the girl’s body was matched to a sample taken from him, it was said.

The court also watched a video interview of the girl in which she admitted she had been “paralytic” that night.

Ali Rafati, defending Goldstone, suggested the girl had asked the defendant for sex.

Goldstone denies rape. The trial continues.

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