Supercars seized by police in crackdown on millionaire boy racers

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Police seized several supercars in a major crackdown on millionaire boy racers who have turned London’s poshest district into a ”race track”.

Supercars seized by police in crackdown on millionaire boy racers

The rare vehicles were stopped by the Metropolitan Police in Knightsbridge, where a number of Middle Eastern playboys have descended with their customised cars.

A £225,000 Bentley Mulsanne was towed away by police with the driver fined for having no insurance.

Supercars seized by police in crackdown on millionaire boy racers

Police arrested the driver of a black Ferrari F430 on UK plates for allegedly driving while disqualified, releasing him on police bail until the end of the month.

A further four fixed penalty notices were handed out during the operation on Monday night for incorrect number plates and for wrong entry up a one way street.

One driver was warned about the illegal tints on his windows which he later removed.

Among the cars stopped by police was an outrageous pink Bentley, which had incorrect plates.

The car was recently ridiculed by pop star George Michael who described it as ”a revolting thing driven by a man that’s not me”.

Supercars seized by police in crackdown on millionaire boy racers

A number of the wealthy motorists, who are using London as their base for the summer, have now left the capital and were today spotted driving around Paris before heading to Cannes.

The whole police operation episode was witnessed by Londoner Chris Darch.

He said: ”It’s sad to see that wealthy people can afford these cars but don’t all seem to abide by the laws of the road.

”It’s great to see cars like the pink Bentley in London though – they helped brighten up what was otherwise a rather miserable evening.

”It was quite funny watching the police officer try to drive the Ferrari onto the low-loader – he didn’t look like he was an experienced supercar driver.”

Supercars seized by police in crackdown on millionaire boy racers

Sector Inspector Sean Flynn of Kensington and Chelsea police said: ”This is the second operation we have run this year to tackle the communities concerns and the results speak for themselves.

”People driving high powered cars around the borough without current drivers licences, registration or insurance need to understand this is not acceptable and our visible presence at these stop checks serve as a reminder that this is the case.”

Residents in Knightsbridge praised the Police for their crackdown on the playboys.

Business consultant Panda Morgan Thomas, who lives in Sloane Street, said: ”We welcome visitors from all over the world but we ask that they respect our culture.

”Being kept awake by supercars racing at 3am in the morning is no fun – nor are music-blaring pedicabs which are unlicensed and not insured.

”We are grateful to the local police who are making a tremendous effort to deal with these problems.”


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  1. Garycotton2009 says:

    Big cars small DXCKS what losers ! spending daddys money !

  2. Gueast says:

    Crush the cars by driving a tank over them.
    Then charge the owners for the fuel the tank has to use.

  3. David Anderson says:

    Fair play to these young men if they have the money and means to own such nice cars. But come on Chaps, just spend a few minutes and get your paperwork in Order. You should know by now the UK is a social run state fired with hatred that envy s anyone with money or success and by doing this you are asking for trouble!

    Some stunning Cars, I will try and work harder to maybe own one some day ūüôā

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